Актриса из «Сладкой жизни» видит выгоду в романах со знаменитостями Maria Shumakova promises to open the way boyfriend in the movie. Performer one of the main roles in the TV series “Sweet life” believes that romance stars will bring both in a couple of bonuses.

      Актриса из «Сладкой жизни» видит выгоду в романах со знаменитостями

      The heroine’s Shumakovo in the series “Sweet life” gives the impression of a strong and independent woman. The surrounding are forced to play by the rules girls, thanks to her strong-willed nature. In the life of an actress something like Natalia, she too has achieved the. Girl with a childhood dream to a creative profession and to move to Moscow. In the end, all dreams come true young lady.

      Meanwhile, in the personal life of the actress is a lull. Heart star yet free. It is not excluded that in the near future with Mary will be a man, and fairly well-known. In the novel, with a public person Shumakova sees only advantages.

      The star of “the Sweet life” Maria Shumakova broke up with a loved

      “Can’t boast the level of media, like Philip Bedrosovich Kirkorov. But every year the interest grows, I feel more than self-sufficient in their profession. And if my boyfriend will be a popular musician, I added it to the audience. He’ll get mine, he will open the way to the cinema. Can get a good interchange. I’ve always stood by their men, and they helped me. This is normal, though not necessarily,” says Maria.

      As an actress, the man who will take her further in life, needs to be superlinearly. Perhaps, the chosen star will be the Director or scientist. Maria likes older men. Perhaps because they already are stable, unlike many peers of the actress, which in December will celebrate 28 years.

      “I really like the adult men, but this is not so important. As for security… For women, of course, it is important that the man is well earned. If a woman loves, makes plans about procreation, having children. But financial independence is a guarantee of some family comfort. In addition to their 35-40 years male need to feel in the space. Though everything may fade before his talent”, – says the star in an interview with “TV program”.

      By the way, Shumakova surrounded by admirers. Many of the admirers of the actress trying to draw attention to themselves through social networks. The star is not considered offensive if a man shows increased interest in her. It remains only to choose the best.

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