The actress of “Happy together” boldly robbed in Moscow

Актрису «Счастливы вместе» дерзко ограбили в Москве Sofya Ignatova outraged by the actions of the perpetrator of the crime at the time when her car was standing at traffic lights. The unknown man broke the glass of the car of the actress and stole a bag with money and documents. In fact the incident a criminal case.

Today, the media appeared information that the actress Sofya Ignatova who played in the TV series “Amazon”, “Interns” and “Happy together”, recently became the victim of an audacious Heist in Moscow. Journalists have reported that the incident occurred on the Avenue 60 years of October, before leaving for Leniskogo Avenue. When Sophia stopped at a traffic light, the unknown smashed the glass of her car and grabbed the bag. In fact the incident a criminal case was initiated.

At the moment the situation dealt with law enforcement officers. “StarHit” contacted the artist to learn more about what happened. The actress does not hide his indignation of what happened.

“The situation is, of course, outrageous. My car broke absolutely barbaric way, breaking a window. At this point, I was standing at the traffic light and was driving. In the next second, grabbed the bag and fled in an unknown direction. The attacker was a man of non-Slavic appearance. I called the police, investigators… In the bag were keys, documents, including passport and right to the car, personal belongings, money and cards. The money was in the amount of 50 thousand rubles. Just before took this amount and forgot to pay,” – said Sophia “StarHit”.

Currently, the actress is rebuilding the car. Thanks to a happy coincidence, Sophia was able to return the passport, a driving license and house keys, which the attacker threw out on the street. Ignatova said that in this she was helped by a passerby walking his dog. “Nothing to find, of course, failed,” said famous.

Statistically, such crimes are very hard to solve. Therefore, Sophia is glad she won’t have to recover the documents.

“The investigator told me that the chances are no… So I have resigned. Most importantly, I’m alive and healthy,” stated the actress.

Add that Sophia Ignatova – actress, singer and presenter. Debut of the actress on TV was the role in the serial “multiplying grief”. In addition, Sophia has been involved in projects such as “Happy together”, “Amazon”, “Interns”, “How I met your mother”, “angel heart”, “Wolf” and “Kulagin and partners”. Viewers know Ignatov through participation in transfer of “Medical” channel “Capital”, and in the show “anatomy of the day” on NTV.