The actress Evgeniya Akhremenko, “Father of my children has cut us off”

Актриса Евгения Ахременко: «Отец моих детей вычеркнул нас из жизни» The actress can’t understand why Konstantin Solovyov sons hides from the public. Evgeniya Akhremenko is outraged that in all the interviews her ex-husband says that he has only a daughter. She believes that kids will be sad to learn about the Pope, when they grow up and encourages ex-spouse behave prudently.
Актриса Евгения Ахременко: «Отец моих детей вычеркнул нас из жизни»

Famous actress Evgeniya Akhremenko decided to have a Frank conversation about his personal life. She confessed that four years ago with her husband, actor Konstantin Solovyov. Some time later, after a divorce, the man stopped to chat with two children, and in an interview said that the marriage with Eugenia was signed for PR. According to him, he has only one child – an adopted heir current wife Anastasia. Akhremenko outraged by this attitude ex-husband. She believes that such statements are unacceptable and an insult to blood sons.

Актриса Евгения Ахременко: «Отец моих детей вычеркнул нас из жизни»“From Babysitting, I learned that in kindergarten group went to the eldest child until recently, parents of other children are wondering why he calls himself the son of Konstantin Solovyov. They read in an interview where he said that there was only one child – a daughter. It was extremely unpleasant, I don’t want my children asked such questions, they don’t deserve it. Senior still remembers dad. No matter what, I do not allow myself a single bad word about my father. But not even imagine what would happen if children see on the Internet an interview with the Pope, where he says that he has only one daughter,” – said Eugene “StarHit”.
Актриса Евгения Ахременко: «Отец моих детей вычеркнул нас из жизни»

Now the actress tries to do everything so that people know the truth. She also tries to draw the attention of Constantine’s sons. According to her, the man had not seen their children for four years. The actress can’t understand what happened with the former chosen one and why he renounces his family kids.

“I’d like to ask him this question. Friends also don’t understand what’s going on, all in shock. Four years ago, I remember our conversation in the kitchen: “the Situations are different, I beg you, remember that you have children. Women are different – before you know it you will be the father of her child, forget our”, I said. But he answered me: “You’re crazy, this will never happen. Here they are my family favorite.” Now cut us off – remember Akhremenko.

The actress did not hide that the novel Constantine’s current wife, Anastasia began when the man was married. According to Eugenia, she felt that he had another woman, but the husband denied it. Nevertheless, shortly followed by a divorce. For the artist it was not a tragedy. She understood – anything can happen in life. However, he struck her a severe blow when I forgot about the children. It does not exclude that it was influenced by the current wife.

“I’m not familiar with his wife. I think the wife has influence. I assumed that if you’re a mother, and she is the mother, we must be sensitive to his children from a previous marriage. Has two sons that need a father,” admitted Akhremenko.

Eugene said that last year filed a lawsuit for child support and won. According to her, in the birth certificate of the children in the column “father” is the name of Soloviev. At the hearing itself, the man has not come. It also avoids any contact with his ex-wife.

“We blocked everywhere. I was ready to accept any conditions and get it through friends, his mother, a babysitter. I’d love to bring the kids to his parents and leave, if I for him as a stimulus. But he did not go for it. Svetlana, our children’s godmother, invited him for a walk and promised that I won’t be around. He kind of agreed, but further words business didn’t come,” admitted Eugene.

Now the artist is trying to do everything not to destroy the image of the parent which was formed in the mind of the heirs. Eugenia convinces the kids that their father loves, but finds it difficult to answer why he doesn’t call or come to the first of September, when Daniel started to go to school.

“The last time Kostya got a call three years ago and said, “Son, I love you”. He repeated this several times,” recalled the actress.