На актрису Кристу Бойцову напало приведение в Баден-Бадене
Last weekend the actress Christa Boitsova work brought to the Western foothills of the black forest, in the Spa town of Baden-Baden.

На актрису Кристу Бойцову напало приведение в Баден-Бадене

The star took part in a photo shoot romantic boutique hotel Traube Neuweier, a person that she became.
Beautiful and mysterious Baden-Baden has always attracted artists, musicians, writers and other creative people from around the world.

There is also a Castle Hohenbaden or “old castle” which was built in the 11th century and is one of the most attractive sights of Baden-Baden. In between filming Boytsov went on an excursion to the Old castle, and while other tourists enjoyed the sound of the Aeolian harp, she decided to wander through the dungeons to do extreme photo to Instagram. What was the shock and fright of the actress, when he came down on overgrown with moss staircase, she saw in the center of the cave are two glowing eyes and a sparkling green light. “For a moment I was speechless, could not understand a dream or reality, fear was just iced! But after a few seconds I just screamed…” says the girl.

На актрису Кристу Бойцову напало приведение в Баден-Бадене

At this point in the dungeon became brighter, began to appear people, Krista saw so familiar to her shooting technique. It turned out that in an old majestic castle was shooting a Hollywood horror movie, and at that moment shot one scene using spotlights. “After this no more Halloween for me is not terrible! After all, cinema is my calling, even on vacation, I inadvertently faced with colleagues, and in the most unexpected circumstances!” – the actress laughs.

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