Жена актера «Глухаря» Олега Протасова напала на его предполагаемую любовницу Svetlana has defended the civil husband. Tatiana Morozova continues to insist that for a child from Protasov. However, the woman refused to donate blood to the doctors in the Studio to prove interesting position.
Жена актера «Глухаря» Олега Протасова напала на его предполагаемую любовницу

Actor Oleg Protasov, who starred in “the wood-Grouse” continued to sort out relations with the inhabitant of Moscow Tatyana Morozova, who claims that she is pregnant from him. They met in a karaoke near the cinema House. The man insists that he did not even ask the phone number of a young woman. In the program “really” tried to understand this history.

Tatiana insists that she has documents proving her pregnancy. The woman is allegedly on the sixth week. Experts are surprised that she refused to undergo a polygraph test, although it did not persuade. Usually transfer prohibited this procedure for women in the state.

In the course of the program Protasov was accused of excessive upotreblenie alcohol. “Yes, I drink once a month”, – said the actor.

After karaoke club Morozova and Protasov appeared in the room on the Belarusian. Tatiana had sex with Oleg. According to the woman, they held together for two hours and then he left.

Жена актера «Глухаря» Олега Протасова напала на его предполагаемую любовницу

Spouse Protasova Svetlana also appeared in the Studio. She explained that she believes her husband. “That day, when he went to karaoke, I knew he went there. He arrived drunk at two in the morning, collapsed on her sofa,” says the actor’s wife.

Svetlana claims that always accompanied the civil husband, but that time allowed him to have fun in the company of men. The wife of the artist and Tanya got into an argument in the Studio, as the alleged mistress of actor refused to prove his interesting position. She insists on a DNA test after the baby is born. Svetlana believes that Morozov is just trying to sow discord in their family.

When you contact an expert, Svetlana explained that Morozov can’t be pregnant from Oleg. After surgery the man was infertile. “I had surgery to remove the prostate gland”, – said the actor.

Passing the test on the lie detector, Oleg answered all their questions. They admitted that the actor really was in the intima with Tatiana, although denies it. “I had no connection, except as a wife, in the next four years,” said Oleg.

Besides, Tatiana accused her that the woman was texting her, in which he asked to leave them alone. Yet Morozov and Protasov are unable to find a solution to the conflict.