Актеры вступились за «пьяного» Михаила Ефремова и вновь оскорбили зрителей Friends of the artist dedicated the obscene verse of the Samara public. The incident occurred during a performance of “Citizen poet. All the polls-2”. Joke of the actors impressed the audience because of his rudeness.
Актеры вступились за «пьяного» Михаила Ефремова и вновь оскорбили зрителей

A few weeks ago, Mikhail Efremov was at the center of the scandal. The man was accused that he appeared on the stage of the Samara drama theatre under the influence. Initially the performance was delayed for almost an hour, and then the artist said a few swear words from the stage, directing their excited audience. Due to this antics, the actor was heavily criticized, but despite this, he refused to apologize or at least admit his guilt.

The conflict gained a new momentum during the recent performance “the citizen the poet. All the polls-2”. Friend of Mikhail Orlov Andrew gross read a poem dedicated to a disgruntled public.

“Here recently revealed that the star of our performance “the Citizen the poet” is actually a brawler. I think we have the right to speak on this occasion in an appropriate form,” – said Orlov, then began to read a poem, full of swear words.
Актеры вступились за «пьяного» Михаила Ефремова и вновь оскорбили зрителей

The actor accused the Samara public in ignorance, noting that audiences simply failed to appreciate the specific nuances of the play. Especially got actress Alla Korovkina, which first reported the scandalous antics of Ephraim. Orlov repeatedly insulted the young woman, noting that her words don’t have enough weight to ruin the reputation of the artist is so popular.

“Yefremov all will survive. There skin is like armor in the tank. And gossip let him chew the bad Samaritan” – these lines Orlov completed his poem.

During the performance of each Efremov diligently portrayed drunken revelry on stage. The actions of the actors has caused a mixed reaction. Many attended the performance the audience laughed, but there were also those who found the behavior offensive stars. Instagram also heated discussions about the correct conduct of men. But Alla Korovkina chose not to comment on a new round of conflict with Mikhail.

We will remind that earlier the management of the theatre “Sovremennik” has justified the actions of Ephraim. Representatives of the theatre said that the play “don’t be a stranger” really raises a very complex topic and could not be understood by the public. Actor’s wife also came to the conclusion that he could hardly be drunk as it is and to the role and to the profession.