The actor’s son from “Interns” have left under arrest on the case of the death of the blogger

Сына актера из «Интернов» оставили под арестом по делу о смерти блогера The investigation into the murder of Stas Dumkina continues. Roots Makarov, a suspect in the grievous injury to the young man, after which he died, is still limited in freedom. According to journalists, the heir of the artist is not an admission of guilt.
Сына актера из «Интернов» оставили под арестом по делу о смерти блогера

In August 2017, died 29-year-old blogger Stas Dumkin. A young man died after a confrontation with random passers-by in Central Moscow. The investigative Committee opened a criminal case under part 4 of article 111 of the criminal code (“Intentional infliction of harm to health, entailed death”). Law enforcement officers detained the son of actor series “Interns” Sergei Makarov Korney. He faces up to 15 years of imprisonment. The suspect admits his guilt.

As journalists, recently the arrest Korney was extended for two months. The young man will remain in custody until June 13. This told the press Secretary of the Khamovniki court Olga Mouser.

Protection Korney Makarov insisted on the commutation of sentence. The argument the lawyer of the detainee Artem Minaichev referred to the conclusions made by the experts. The study was conducted at the request of the investigator.

“The experts of the forensic Bureau of Moscow Department of health concluded that the death Damkina was caused closed cherepno-a brain trauma (scmt). The possibility of causing scmt Domkino as a result of hitting with hands and feet completely excluded”, – said the defender of Corneille.
Сына актера из «Интернов» оставили под арестом по делу о смерти блогера

According to the lawyer, Dunkin was injured by “a single massive impact of solid blunt object with the predominant contact surface (asphalt, concrete or other coating)”. Minaichev added that he had been appointed re-examination in other specialized institution.

Recall that Stas Dumkina attacked during a walk in Gorky Park. For a young man approached strangers and started to provoke conflict. According to some, the reason for the proceedings was the appearance of Stas. The blogger wore a hat, which caused the disapproval of Korney Makarov. A week later after the fight, Dunkin died in hospital. In August last year, the court sanctioned the arrest of the son of the actor of the series “Interns”. He Roots and his lawyers insisted that he was serving a sentence at home.

The incident in Gorky Park has caused a huge public outcry. About the incident wrote a media story also dedicated the release of “Let them talk”. Live transmission from 30 August last year, a father Korney. Actor Sergei Makarov met with the parent of the deceased Stas Dumkina the Studio program. The actor brought the man of condolence and shared his version of the acclaimed events. The actor of the series “Interns” met with the father of the deceased Stas Dumkina

According to the TASS and RIA Novosti.