The actors of the “Eighties” presented last season

Актеры «Восьмидесятых» представили последний сезон

The new series will show on STS is may 30.

Slot machines, the game “Well, pogodi!”, fanaticism in space… to return to the era of the 80s could be in the Museum of Soviet arcade games. There was a presentation of one of the episodes of the new season of “the Eighties” on STS. The show’s main characters, Alexander Yakin, Anna Tsukanova-Cott, Natalia Zemtsova, Arina Postnikova, Dmitry Belotserkovsky, Victoria Shashkova and Anastasiya Balakina together with journalists for a couple of hours transported into the past.

“Today we got back in the 80s – thanks to slot machines of those years. By the way, similar will appear in the final episodes where my character will go to Baikonur for his beloved. And of course, the outcome will be the unexpected” – lifts the curtain on a new season with Vanya, he is an actor Alexander Yakin.

At a press conference that was more like a friendly meeting, a team of actors fought with journalist brethren… the Game was not easy. Because most of them we have long forgotten: hockey, “battleship”, “Sniper”, “Highway”… Saved only by the fact that winners and losers were not.

More touching was the fact that this season of “the Eighties” was the last. And the actors it’s a pity to say goodbye to has already become a native of the films.

“We really want all good things lasted forever, but the sixth season of “the Eighties” will indeed be the last, ” said the head of the Directorate of the series and movies TV channel STS Maria Smirnova. — We finish the story in accordance with its inner logic and that it is important for us, at the peak of spectator interest”.

The actors are so eager to continue that are ready to toss out a few ideas to the Director.

“In the final season we were joined by a dynamic new Director Roman Fokin, so it was very interesting to see the result, and it pleased us. However, it is very sad that a story that has resonated in my heart and the hearts of our audience, coming to an end”, – said Dmitry Belotserkovsky (Serge).

The new series will start on STS 30 may at 20:00.

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