Артист, певший за Михаила Круга, ответил на обвинения в клевете Anton Kazimir claims that he owns the voice on one of the albums of the widow singer. However, the fans Irina Krug skeptical about such statements. According to Anton, he is ready to pass the necessary examination to prove his innocence.
Артист, певший за Михаила Круга, ответил на обвинения в клевете

Singer Anton Kazimir claims that he belongs to the voices on the disc, Irina Circle “to You, my last love”. Album artist was released in 2006 and became the second solo release. In some songs you can hear Michael’s Circle. It was reported that this was possible thanks to the materials from the home archive. But Casimir is a slightly different version of events.

Артист, певший за Михаила Круга, ответил на обвинения в клевете“The goal to catch Irina Krug I never had. I was always quiet, but lately me all the thicket began to leave journalists with the question, is it true I participated in the work on the album “You’re my last love,” which was recorded after his death. To cheat I can’t, so I told him how it was,” – shared the singer with “StarHit”.

According to Casimir, he imitated the voice of the Circle. The artist was asked to participate in the restoration of the records of the poet and bard. The producers promised to provide the name Anton, but did not keep his word. After singer spoke about the cooperation with Irina Circle of reporters, he was accused of libel. Fans of the singer don’t believe Kazimir.

“My voice is heard in the six songs from that album. And at various venues to this day sells songs with my voice, signed “Michael and Irina Krug”. Why should I lie and deny it? – complains the singer. On the contrary, I began to expose the lie, they say that’s not true, and I’m trying to promote themselves at the expense of Irina”.
Артист, певший за Михаила Круга, ответил на обвинения в клевете

The representatives of the widow of Michael Krug refute Casimir. According to them, the voice on the record belongs to a deceased singer, and Irina Circle may not have all the information about work on her albums. It is, in particular, on technical aspects. However, Casimir does not agree with such reasoning.

“Once I was used. Despite the fact that it wasn’t fair and dishonest, I never anything from anyone not require and are not deceived. Perhaps Irina would be more honest to admit the truth and not slander me. I don’t think she remembers first steps and record their albums. The communication was. Recorded together,” – said Anton.

Kazimir said that he “does not want and does not require”. The singer’s frustrating against the other. “They say some guy wants to “cling”… But sorry, once you guy’s have found. I did what I was asked, but the fact that I have not done to me is a question of conscience and honor, said Casimir. – To prove who actually sings, not a problem today. There are phonoscopic examination. And if need be, I’ll go through it”.