The actor “Streets of the broken lanterns” were attacked in St. Petersburg

На актера «Улиц разбитых фонарей» напали в Петербурге Gennadi Svir is recovering after the incident. As journalists report, the incident occurred in the cultural capital. Famous serial actor not only hit, but was robbed. The artist has addressed with the statement in law enforcement bodies.
На актера «Улиц разбитых фонарей» напали в Петербурге

As it became known to journalists, the 48-year-old actor Gennadi Svir became a victim of the attacker. The incident occurred in the evening in the Krasnogvardeisky district of St. Petersburg.

It is reported that after six o’clock Gennady saw a man relieving himself at the front of the house located on the Avenue of the Foremost. Svir was troubled by the behavior of a stranger, and decided to make his point.

According to representatives of the media, the bully is extremely sharply reacted to the statement Swire. As a result, between men altercation ensued, which ended in a fight and robbery. After a powerful blow to the head Gennady lost consciousness. After some time, the artist came to himself and saw no enemy nor his traumatic gun “Wasp”.

На актера «Улиц разбитых фонарей» напали в Петербурге

In fact the incident Svir decided to go to the police. Law enforcement officers recorded that the man walked into the police station Krasnogvardeisky district around midnight on 4 June. Gennady wrote a statement in which he indicated that the bully attacked him, about 35-40 years.

Reporters contacted the actor, who confirmed the assault and robbery. According to Gennady, it happened unexpectedly. An unidentified man punched an artist in the moment when he turned his back on him. Svir also expressed the hope that the perpetrator will be found.

“I was walking home, in front of a Playground stood a man who defecated. Approached him, said that he did not. I turned around at this point hit me. If I had a gun took him away. Yesterday was the police, they came, watched… Now I’m home, recovering. This person will find definitely, such things can not be forgiven you,” the man told reporters.

Gennadi Svir was born in 1968 in Leningrad. First, the future artist was educated at the faculty of martial arts of the local Institute of physical culture and sports, but then decided to change the scope of activities. Gennady made the decision to become a student LGITMiK, where he graduated at the specialty “the actor”.

Famous actor starred in dozens of films and TV series. Among the most famous works men roles in the same television projects as “the waiting Room”, “Family home”, “highway patrol”, “Foundry, 4” and “Streets of broken lamps”.

Currently, law enforcement officers establish circumstances of the incident. At the request of the actor being tested, passes the Fifth channel.