The actor of the series “the Teacher” got into debt because of expensive treatment special son

Актер сериала «Физрук» влез в долги из-за дорогого лечения особенного сына Evgeny Kulakov risks being in the dock. The actor admitted that he has not paid for the services of two centres, the rehabilitation of his thirteen year old son. The teenager suffers from cerebral palsy and autism.
Актер сериала «Физрук» влез в долги из-за дорогого лечения особенного сына

The actor of the series “Fizruk” Yevgeny Kulakov and his wife, the actress Olga Bujor became parents in November for the second time. The couple had a daughter. A new member of the family along with mom and dad happy thirteen-year-old Ilya, the eldest son of Eugene and Olga.

This child born in a family of actors – special. The boy suffers from cerebral palsy and autism. The program “a Perfect repair”, which was engaged in furnishing newly purchased in the newly constructed flats. and Bujor, take into account the peculiarities of Elijah and made the home as comfortable for the family. The experts decided to tear down the walls between living room, kitchen and hallway, so that Olga could do household chores and at the same time to watch and for son, and little daughter.

In the meantime, the apartment was renovated, presenter Natasha Barbier decided to get acquainted with the actor’s family. Yevgeny Kulakov and Olga Bujor openly talked about how they engaged in the rehabilitation of her son.

Актер сериала «Физрук» влез в долги из-за дорогого лечения особенного сына

The pair admitted that effective methods of treatment involve only pedagogical correction. Is quite expensive, and parents of special children have to pay for everything themselves. Evgeny Kulakov said that are mired in debt because of the high prices for the services of specialists.

“We are here, for example, owed two centers. I will soon be put simply,” said the actor.

To success in treating special children leads to early intervention. According to Olga Bujor, in a situation with their son the precious time was lost.

“Today’s parents of children four and five years old, was more fortunate – a lot of information, – said the woman. – When Ilya was the same age, we very long could not make the correct diagnosis, could not understand that this is autism. Plus, unfortunately, still offer medical treatment that is not working with this diagnosis. It’s proven by science. Only behavioral therapy. Moreover, if we understand that our chosen tactics in the next two weeks does not work, we change.”

Yevgeny Kulakov and Olga Bujor urged parents of special children not to seek that their child had started to read and write. Importantly, in the opinion of the spouses, to teach him self-help skills.

“We got a late start, but we have recently just a wonderful success, – continues the spouse of Eugene Kulakov. – Ilya he dresses and undresses. Recently learned to make tea. Yes. It may look strange, because we rejoice that people at the age of 13 fastened sandals. But it gives us hope that in 20 years, if we continue to work, it will be a different quality of life.”