The actor of the series “the Teacher” became homeless

Актер сериала «Физрук» стал бомжом Victor Skurikhin stopped communicating with my mother. It turned out that the man lived on the street. Many also noted that the artist has clouded his mind after the death of his wife. A parent came to the Studio “Let them talk” to see the son.

      Актер сериала «Физрук» стал бомжом

      Actor Victor Skurikhin familiar to viewers of the filming of the TV series “Fizruk”, “Stoplight”, “Chas Volkova” and others. The artist often got the role of brutal men. However, in 2015 he disappeared out of sight – no longer be removed and to appear in public. As it turned out, Victor had lost touch with family and now wanders in the Suburban village, which survives thanks to caring people who from time to time fed him. The program “Let them talk” conducted its own investigation into the history of the famous artist.

      Актер сериала «Физрук» стал бомжом

      The first judge appeared the inhabitant of the village volodarskoe Hope. As it turned out, she knows artist for over 10 years. According to her, he moved in next door with his wife Elena. However, five years ago his wife died. After a while, Victor moved to another apartment, and then residents of suburbs began to notice the man sleeping on the bench.

      The crew of “Let them talk” I met Victor in the village. The man claimed that he was working and his wife alive. However Skurikhin recognizes his difficult financial situation.

      “Two weeks ago starred. You’d better give a lot of money, material aid is needed, than I can. My wife is alive, not dead. I’m not going anywhere. And the documents I have,” said the man.

      Correspondents “Let speak” has managed to catch the Victor during an unpleasant conversation with one of the neighbors. An elderly woman accused him that he is not working, and in dirty clothes sitting on the benches and defecate in doorways. However, the man believes that his wife, who died five years ago, is actually alive, and he every day goes to work and sports.

      Актер сериала «Физрук» стал бомжом

      As it turned out, Victor’s not been in touch with my mother Galina for the past month. She said that for five years did not see his son immediately after the death of the bride.

      Актер сериала «Физрук» стал бомжом

      Andrey Malakhov invited into the Studio of Victor to meet with a parent. Galina Ivanovna cried, seeing the heir. The man began to comfort the mother, said, not calling her because he worked a lot – starred in Tsaritsyno.

      “We used to be you and your wife on the transmission you have, a couple of years ago. Mom, come in fact. Malakhov, say, dear,” – said Victor.
      Актер сериала «Физрук» стал бомжом

      Experts in the Studio suggested that perhaps Victor had some kind of traumatic brain injury. Some people believe that it is in a poor state and in need of psychiatric help.

      Andrey Malakhov asked whether he wants to return to his hometown to mom. However, Victor believes that it must continue to act in films, advertising, and also to devote time to religion.

      “Today, my calling is to be creative and to serve God. In the first place, of course, the service,” said Skurikhin.

      The Studio came actor Alexander Gerasimov, who starred in “the Teacher” with Victor. He said that he often crossed paths with a friend at the auditions and samples, but at some point disappeared from sight.