The actor of the series “Street” caught your wife cheating after a severe beating

Актер сериала «Улица» уличил жену в измене после жестокого избиения Anatoly Naryadnom met with the civil wife Tatyana and her alleged lover in the Studio of “actually”. In mid-March, a woman was in the hospital after the attack artist. Naryadnom said that he regrets his actions.
Актер сериала «Улица» уличил жену в измене после жестокого избиения

34-year-old Anatoly Naranov, who played a minor role in the TV series “the Street” and “the Last COP” was in the center of a scandal after he was arrested for the brutal beating of civil wife Tatyana Hlopova. A criminal case was initiated under article 111 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Causing of heavy harm to health”).

Actor from “the Last COP” was justified for beating his wife

Anatoly called his wife at the lie detector in the program “really”. Artist Tatiana suspected of treason. The choice of the actor first appeared in the Studio. On that fateful day, Tatiana received a message, which she hurried to delete. Jealous Anatoly decided that the wife something from it hides, and he was pissed.

“It was a message from a friend of men, he offered to meet. I didn’t say anything, not yet. We met this man twice. Met in social networks, says Hlopova. Anatoly demanded to give him the phone, I tried to hide it. He gave me a slap in the face that I broke his forehead. It was the first blow. Then I ran it back and threw it so I smashed his forehead. When I was lying on the floor, Anatoly went into the hall as if nothing had happened”.
Актер сериала «Улица» уличил жену в измене после жестокого избиения

Taking advantage of the moment, Tatiana ran out onto the landing. But her husband dragged her back and began to beat on ribs. The actor then again hurried off. The second time Hlopova managed to reach a neighbor who called the police.

When Naryadnom sat opposite his wife, the audience met him with indignant cries. Anatoly did not hide the fact that he had raised his hand to his wife. “Yes, it’s all because of jealousy. Boiling. I’ve noticed some of the correspondence, over time, this feeling grew. That day was the last straw,” said the man. The actor asked his wife’s forgiveness. His act he called “a terrible mistake”.

Актер сериала «Улица» уличил жену в измене после жестокого избиения

According to Naradeva, his assaulting his wife was an isolated incident. Hlopova confirmed the words of her husband. “I saw it the first time. Yes, sometimes he gives me a slap in the face”, – said the woman.

Daughter Tatiana Anastasia also joined the discussion of the scandal in the family. When the girl came to the Studio, she was unable to restrain his emotions. Anastasia attacked Anatolia. “How could you do that?” she said. As it turned out, the heir to Chlapowo did not know that the chosen mother beat her.

“I watched their relationship from the outside. Mom never told me what happens to them and how they live. Said they are all good,” Anastasia said.
Актер сериала «Улица» уличил жену в измене после жестокого избиения

When she left the Studio, her place was taken by a friend of Tatiana’s, who wished to hide your face and real name. The man who introduced himself as Dmitry, said he corresponded with a woman before the scandal. He refused the publicity because he didn’t want to attract too much attention. Moreover, Dmitri was a married man.

“After texting, she was gone. I wrote “How’s it going?” and found out that she was in the hospital,” says the acquaintance of the lady artist.

According to Dmitry, he talked with Tatiana about sex. “We both knew it,” said the man. Hlopova admitted that he learned a friend and really saw him.

In the final transfer Naryadnom promised that he will never brutally beat Hlopova. According to the actor, his act has no justification. In the future, the man wanted to build a family with Tatyana. “I love her” , – said Anatoly. The examiner confirmed that the actor is telling the truth.