The actor of the series “Fizruk” Egor Konaev died in an accident

Актер сериала «Физрук» Егор Клинаев погиб в ДТП The young actor became one of the participants in a massive accident that occurred in Moscow in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. The car driver did not notice Yegor Clineva and knocked him down. Journalists report that the guy died at the scene.
Актер сериала «Физрук» Егор Клинаев погиб в ДТП

As it became known to correspondents, 18-year-old Yegor Konaev, which became known after the premiere of the third season of the series “Fizruk”, was killed in a massive traffic accident in Moscow on the night of 27 September.

As it became known to the media, about three o’clock in the morning the young man driving the car “Toyota mark-2”, witnessed an accident on the ring road. The artist saw three cars collided “Gazelle”, “Octavia” and VAZ 2110. Concerned Egor decided to ask if drivers help. Konaev got out of the car and joined the discussion of the incident. Together with a young man stopped and the driver of “Daewoo Nexia”, which also intended to understand the situation.

Meanwhile, the driver of “Honda accord” did not notice the accident. According to journalists, he first hit three people, among whom were Konaev, and then I rammed “Skoda Octavia”. In the end she was thrown on the road and the car collided with a Toyota. Lost control “Honda accord” continued movement and made arrival on two other cars.

Актер сериала «Физрук» Егор Клинаев погиб в ДТП

Egor Konaev died at the scene. Viewers cannot believe in the sudden death of a performer who showed great promise. They condole with his family and friends.

“The day started again with tears. What is going on? Yesterday Natasha Yunnikova. Today Egor. Horror. Today on the ring road had been a terrible accident. Young boy actor, who I’ve known since early childhood, Yegor Konaev, was there. Got out of the car to help and was killed under the wheels. Tragedy. 18. Live and live. Cheerful, active, funny. Egoza. The bright memory of you, Egorka. Condolences to the parents,” said choreographer Faith of the Forester.

Polina grents, a colleague of Yegor Clineva for the TV series “the Teacher”, said that he was shocked by his sudden death. The actress devoted to a young man post on Twitter.

Актер сериала «Физрук» Егор Клинаев погиб в ДТП

Egor Konaev was born on 10 April 1999. In his childhood he was one of the participants of ensemble “Neposedy”. Yegor began acting in films at the age of thirteen. Clineva debut was the film “the Mystery of Yegor, or the Extraordinary adventures of ordinary summer”, which was also involved Kirill kyaro, Agrippina Steklov, Alexander Vdovin and Olga Volkova. Just on account Clineva about 19 works in different projects, including the TV series “Teacher”, “Policeman with the ruble in Beskudnikovo” and “Delta”.

Among friends Clineva was Timothy, Alexey Chumakov and Anton Belyaev. In an interview, Yegor said that once sang during a concert of the founder Therr Maitz. 12-year-old took the stage at the request of Belyaev. Egor admitted that he loved performing and the guy was eager to repeat this experiment.

The young man’s life was tragically cut short due to an accident. After the accident, the driver of “Gazelle” and VAZ 2110 have been hospitalized with wounds and bruises, reports “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.