The actor of the series “Brigada” asks forgiveness for his crime

Актер сериала «Бригада» просит прощения за преступление Bodyguard Sasha White convicted for possession of drugs. Dmitry Huminicki in the garage found 280 kilograms of Smoking mixtures, sentenced to eight years in colony of strict regime. Relatives and fans try to support the artist.

      Актер сериала «Бригада» просит прощения за преступление

      The series “Brigada” in the beginning of the two thousandth was the viewers an absolute hit. Vivid imprint left not only the protagonists but also the secondary characters, among whom was Dmitri Huminicki. The actor played in the film role the bodyguard Sasha White. Who would have thought that crime would be for the artist a harsh reality.

      Before it became known that the Solnechnogorsk garrison military court sentenced 43-year-old Gumenetska for possession of drugs. In the garage of the artist during a special operation was discovered concentrate, put up in packages. From this substance was planned to produce seven tons of drugs, which could be disseminated throughout the country.

      According to investigators, the profit from retail sales such a huge party Smoking blends on the black market could amount to sixteen billion. It is hard to imagine how crippled destinies could stand behind these numbers.

      Meanwhile, the lawyer of the condemned artist claims that his client had not led a luxurious lifestyle. “As found by the court, Golenetskii not marketed spice, went on the old car VAZ 2112, lived in a rented apartment and in General, to put it mildly, not parade, – the lawyer told Suren Avanesyan. Gumenetska pushed the crime difficult financial situation. He pleaded guilty, repented and was very sorry for what he did.”

      The most dedicated fans of Dmitry showed compassion to the star of the movie “Brigada” and “Bumer”. They created a social network support group of the actor. In this community it is not customary to leave comments condemning, because Huminicki and so being punished for what he did. By the way, he did not appeal the court’s decision, which has entered into force, but on the contrary cooperated with the investigation, to disclose all criminal chain of drug trafficking.

      In prison Zmitser there is a possibility to correspond with family and friends. Through friends he thanks all of his fans and asks them for forgiveness. “Wanted to pass on his regards and most sincere thanks to all the kids, whose letters I read and re-read more than once with tears in his eyes! according Huminicki. – It’s priceless! I apologize to all for his unconscious act brought the agitation, anxiety and loss of confidence!”

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