Актер из «Движения вверх» травмирован расставанием с экс-женой Саркисова The Lithuanian actor who played one of the roles in the acclaimed sports drama, has shed light on personal life. As it turned out, James Tratas immersed in the work. Man cannot recover once separated from the mother of his daughter Julia Lyubechanskii.

One of the heroes of the new issue of TV magazine “One” was the 29-year-old Lithuanian actor James Tratas, who played the role of captain of the Soviet national team on basketball of Modestas Paulauskas in the movie “moving up”. The actor told reporters about his turbulent childhood, work and personal life.

After the premiere of the sports drama taut James suddenly became the idol of the girls ‘ hearts. As it turned out, the actor is not always been slender. In his childhood he adored flour. “When I was a teenager, I loved pancakes, bread and potatoes. So I was a little chubby,” says tall with dark hair. Tratas admitted that he grew very active and did not differ exemplary behavior.

“In my childhood I was surrounded by English-speaking friends, same wild as I am. We loved to hide under the balcony, to smoke, to steal something… Remember when I was ten years old, I broke my arm. Then we climbed over the roof of the bakery to take loaves, and then escape. We weren’t hungry, we were attracted by the adrenaline,” shared the actor.

11 James himself made his first tattoo. In the yard where there lived the actor, it was very fashionable to hammer the body drawings. A few years later the Tratas had serious problems with the law, and the mother sent him abroad. While abroad, James grew up quickly. He took any job to survive.

Further Tratas became interested in theater and enrolled in “budget” in the Lithuanian University. Over time, the career of a young man went to the mountain. However, James spoke not only as a promising artist. A couple of years ago the media had spread the news that the ex-wife of oligarch Yulia Sarkisova Lubianskaya had an affair with a cute Lithuanian actor. The woman gave birth to James ‘ daughter Lusha. However, after a while, the pair suddenly collapsed. Tratas doesn’t want to talk about the reasons for the breakup with Julia. The star of the movie “moving up” has made it clear that he is not going to discuss personal life.

“Yes, it was, but I don’t really want to talk about it. Maybe because it is the past that is not yet completed to the end… you Know, like a wound that has not healed, and to talk about it as if to stir up her finger,” said Tratas.

On the question of whether he can say that in the moment, experiencing anyone of the senses, James did not answer in the affirmative. “Now I’m in love with work”, — said the artist.

Recall that the daughter of James and Julia Tratas Lyubechanskii born in 2016. Lukerya was the fourth child of the former wife of Nikolai Sarkisov. Speaking about his elect, Lubianskaya stated that he believes in his talent and successful future. “This is a real man, he’s an incredible person with a kind heart and strong shoulder. That’s the kind of man imagines every woman, closing her eyes and praying to God to send her the other half. I am the luckiest woman in the world,” the blonde shared in social networks. Julia was also denied rumors that went from oligarch to the actor. However, about a year ago Lubianskaya suddenly stopped posting pictures together with the Tratas on social networks, what provoked the rumors about the breakup with the artist. She later confirmed that it really sold to a foreigner.