The actor from the TV series “Interns” was jailed for eight years

Актер из сериала «Интерны» попал за решетку на восемь лет Dmitry Bushin was detained by law enforcement officers in may of this year. The artist tried to sell the batch of prohibited substances. Now he has to serve his sentence behind bars.
Актер из сериала «Интерны» попал за решетку на восемь лет

Dmitry Bushin – known soap actor. 27-year-old boy managed to pull in such projects as “Uni” and “Interns.” However, he decided to try himself in the new role of drug dealer, for which he received a prison term of eight years.

In may of this year Bushin was arrested for drug trafficking on Trifonovskaya street, Moscow. It was there that the actor drew the attention of the police. Law enforcement seemed strange behavior of a young man, he was standing near the closed entrance door and anxiously looked around. The guards decided to check the man documents.

“The police asked to produce documents, and then asked the question, do you have something forbidden. And I made 9 packages with mephedrone that took from the left pocket of his jeans,” – said Bushin.

The actor then showed police three already done that day bookmark or two on Trifonovskaya street and one on Sushchevsky Val. Dmitry said that he came to the capital from Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk region in 2011. The young man wanted to get an acting education and make a successful career. He has already managed to star in several popular TV series “Interns” and “Univer”.

According to Bushin, he did not have enough money, he started working as a taxi driver, for a month the artist was making 30-35 thousand rubles. Dmitry saw on one of the ad sites that require courier services for distribution of drugs, and decided to do criminal business.

According to the actor, he first made 8 thousand of their money, and then got the address of a bookmark in the area of metro station “Mitino” where they took 36,62 gram potions and hid them in other places, making pictures.

Criminal business brought Bunin the salary of 45 thousand rubles. But the arrest had interrupted a career as a drug mule. In the court of the guilt Dmitry partially recognized. The actor did not agree with the result that each bag of potion has qualified as a separate crime. In the words of the actor, he did not use drugs, only spread because of lack of money.

According to the newspaper “MK” in petty-Bourgeois Interdistrict office of public Prosecutor, the state Prosecutor asked for Bushina penalty 12 years in a strict regime. However, the court sentenced the artist to 8 years of colony of strict regime.