Актера из сериала «Мент в законе» задержали за грабеж квартиры Ilya Utkin, who worked as a bodyguard and puts the stunts at the Studio “Mosfilm”, in films from the late 90s. According to some, the artist broke the law by breaking into someone else’s house. After that, the man disappeared.
Актера из сериала «Мент в законе» задержали за грабеж квартиры

43-year-old Ilya Utkin, who played in the TV series “the Fifth guard”, “COP in the law” and “rook” was in the center of the scandal. The actor was suspected of committing a crime. According to journalists, a few weeks ago, he entered the apartment, located in the North of Moscow, and committed a robbery. Utkin managed to escape from the crime scene.

Police began to investigate. A criminal case was initiated, and Utkin has declared the Federal wanted list. Only recently managed to arrest the suspect.

About Ilya Utkin known not so much. The actor mostly starred in small roles. Just on account of men the 28 works, including the films “the Sky with diamonds”, “Brother 2”, “don’t Even think”, “Raskalennoy Saturday”, “Our Russia. Eggs of Fate”, as well as in the TV series “father’s daughter. Superevent”, “Once in militia”, “Univer” and “Moscow. Three station” and others.

Актера из сериала «Мент в законе» задержали за грабеж квартиры

Utkin has long been interested in sports. On the website the actor’s Agency says that after high school, Ilya was engaged in Boxing, and he was even awarded the title “Master of sports”. In ‘ 93 the artist graduated from detective College company “Renaissance” at the school of the interior Ministry. In the future, Utkin won the championship of Russia on arm wrestling competitions on fights without rules, and attestable to black belt in full contact karate.

Apparently, sports were not in vain. Through continuous training Utkin increased muscle mass. With the growth of 185 cm, his weight is 135 kg.

Before becoming an actor, Ilya worked for several years in close protection. In the second half of the 90s, a man began to work on “Mosfilm” – he put the stunts and action scenes. Utkin debut in film was the appearance in the film “the Sky in diamonds”. Ilya not only played a cameo role, but also gave private lessons in martial arts.

The recent incident in which Utkin became a hero of the criminal chronicle, began to discuss in social networks. Someone thinks that the man who starred mainly in action movies, just too much accustomed to the role. Throughout the month, law enforcement officials tried to find Elijah. Only recently the actor was detained after he was stopped by employees dorozhno-patrol service. Utkin ran, and it turned out that he is in Federal search, passes the Mash.

We will remind that earlier in the center of the scandal was another actor who played in episodes. Anatoly Naranov, who starred in the TV series “the Streets,” attacked the civil wife Tatyana. As a result, the ended up in the hospital. The pair met in the Studio of the program “really”. The actor of the series “Street” caught your wife cheating after a severe beating