Актера из сериала «Папины дочки» Сергея Фролова лишили квартиры черные риелторы The actor believes that became the victim of a professional Scam, on account of which dozens of victims. According to Sergei Frolov, speculators could deception to ingratiate himself to his mother and to force a woman to take credit for a round sum, leaving as collateral their homes.
Актера из сериала «Папины дочки» Сергея Фролова лишили квартиры черные риелторы

43-year-old star of the TV series “Daddy’s girls” and the movie “the Storm gate” Sergey Frolov was in the center of the scandal connected with real estate. As it turned out, the actor is likely to remain without a roof over her head because of the black consultant. The apartment in which he lives Frolov together with loved ones, belonged to his deceased mother. The woman took out a mortgage and a loan secured by existing property.

Актера из сериала «Папины дочки» Сергея Фролова лишили квартиры черные риелторы“My mother lived on a pension, and in addition was ill with diabetes. Every person understands that it creditplease, but the money she somehow betrayed. Knowing that she will not be able to repay its debt,” – said the actor.
Актера из сериала «Папины дочки» Сергея Фролова лишили квартиры черные риелторы

To achieve the truth, Sergei Frolov moved to housing that belonged to the mother. The actor received a note in which he reported that it offered for sale. Several times Sergei met on the landing of people searching for it in order to buy a share in the apartment. After some time the artist came to the woman, who said that it has ownership rights to the property. Family Frolova refused to leave without a court order.

Sergey is sure that he was the victim of a fraudulent scheme. First on the website of the bailiffs reported that the actor has 4 million 850 thousand rubles, plus court costs. When women declared their rights to the apartment, bought her debts written off. Now Frolov need to pay 315 thousand for the work of individuals who helped with the sale of housing.

Frolov is going to prove his innocence in court. According to the actor, he is very determined.

“The apartment we now live with my wife and son. Unfortunately, the decision of the court about our eviction – after a week I’ll go for the paper. We will submit the appeal. It’s clearly a planned operation – because of the holes in the law so leave people without homes, bonded real estate activity that must be stopped”, – said Sergey.

During the conversation with journalists Frolov also shared his concerns about the capacity of the deceased mother. According to the artist, he found in her apartment packing from potent psychotropic drugs that are not released without a doctor’s prescription. Sergei does not exclude that his mother could make use of such drugs, so she took out a loan. Frolov is going to do a handwriting expert reports Sobesednik.ru.