Актер из «Счастливы вместе» умер от осложнений после болезни
Alexander Isakov will be buried on the Mitinsky cemetery.

Photo: Social Networks

Yesterday it became known that the star of the Theater actor Alexander Isakov died in a Moscow hospital. The cause of death friends and family of the actor considered bad doctors, however, the press service of the theater announced the official version of his premature death Isakov. It is reported that he died from complications after pneumonia.

Spent three weeks the actor in the hospital. Quite a long time he could not diagnose. According to one of the friends of Alexander Roman caves, bilateral pneumonia, the actor revealed only after the beginning of pulmonary edema. On the eve of death, as friends, despite feeling unwell, he did not lose vivacity of spirit and good mood. Joked all the time about bad performance of doctors.

“Yesterday he was still joking, came the mother, they discussed plans for the holidays. And in the morning he was gone, the heart has already failed!!! One question to the doctors: “Diplomas bought?!”, — Pechersky wrote in the social network.

The actor will be buried tomorrow, July 26, at the Mitino cemetery. Alexander Isakov has died on 39-m to year of life. 15 years he went on stage at the State theatre of film actor. Periodically acted in small roles in movies and TV series. For example, “Happy together”, “Atlantis”, “Bachelors” and many others.