The actor died from “the Three Musketeers”

Скончался актер из фильма «Три мушкетера»
A famous actor died in the hospital.

Robert Hirsh in the movie “Notre Dame de Paris” 1956год

As it became known, died yesterday French actor
Robert IRS. He died at the age of 92 years. IRS fell in his own house, and after the fall were hospitalized. Alas, unfortunately,
not helped to save his life — heart, Robert stopped.

IRS was born in L’isle-Adam in the North of France in 1925. He was extremely respected
actor, and he was appreciated as theatre-goers and cinema lovers. Robert many years
played in the Paris theatre Comedie
des Champ-Elysee, and was honored for his career as many as four Supreme
theatre awards — award Moliere. Besides
well, he managed to play in nearly five dozen films and serials, and in 1990 won the “Cesar” One of the
the most famous works of Irsha was his role in the film “the Three Musketeers”, 1959, where
D’artagnan was played by Jean-Paul Belmondo.

Despite his advanced age, Yrs not
was going to retire. When he was 90 years old, he played five
performances in a week. Robert explained: “the Theatre — not just my main
passion, it is my religion. Moreover, theatre is my whole life, he is the source of my most
great joy and the most cruel disappointments…”