Скончался актер из «Сватов» и «Дня рождения Буржуя» Олег Треповский The actor of theatre and cinema passed away on Wednesday. Many friends and colleagues of Aleh Tripulskogo my condolences go out to his family and friends. The reasons why the artist died, were not disclosed.
Скончался актер из «Сватов» и «Дня рождения Буржуя» Олег Треповский

April 25 died people’s artist of Ukraine Oleg Trpovski. The actor was only 52 years old. That was the reason for leaving Tripulskogo of life was not reported. The sad news was announced by the colleague of the stars Vitaly Salii. “Oleg Borisovich… Eternal memory”, – he wrote in social networks.

Internet users brings condolences to the family Tripulskogo. “It’s impossible to believe… Died wonderful actor Oleg Trpovski. Very sad,” said Director Pavel Ostrikov.

Oleg Trpovski was born on 28 Oct 1965 in Volgograd. The artist studied at the Kiev theatrical Institute named after Karpenko-Kary know Michael Reznikovich. In 1992 Trpovski received a diploma in the same year he began work in the Theatre of Russian drama named after Lesya Ukrainka. Oleg Borisovich has played in a lot of different productions, including “Secrets of the Madrid court”, “School of scandal”, “Taibele and her demon” “Love student”, “the history of a passion” and “Fancy fun”.

Скончался актер из «Сватов» и «Дня рождения Буржуя» Олег Треповский

On one theatre of activity of the actor is not limited. In 1995 he debuted in the film. His first role Trpovski played in the movie “Woodcock”. On account of the artist dozens of roles in different films and television series, including – in the projects “birthday Bourgeois”, “servant of the people”, “Matchmakers”, “Find me if you can,” “Gunpowder and shot”, “Return of Mukhtar”…

In 2011, Oleg Borisovich became the people’s artist of Ukraine.

In interviews Trpovski admitted that looking at yourself through the eyes of his own son. “A very ugly picture is, by the way…” – shared the actor. Oleg Borisovich also said that in the theatre named after Lesya Ukrayinka and created the ideal conditions for creativity. Tripulskogo have had a good relationship with the head of cultural institutions Mikhail Reznikovich. Oleg Borisovich has not worked, and served his profession. The star spent a lot of effort to immerse themselves in the role and to convey the main idea to the audience.

Speaking about his colleagues, Trpovski noted that the glory is different. “Is the popularity of Verka Serduchka from the “SV-show” is the popularity of Sergei Yursky. The popularity of the “SV-show” I would be ashamed, popularity Jurassic envy. Self-respecting man would never use cheap tricks butterfly-lived. For me popularity is primarily the scale of the individual, the potential of the human spirit, its ability even in the crowd, be yourself” – said Oleg Ivanov in an interview with “Facts and comments”.

In 2017 for the main role in the short film “Golden love” 2016 (project Director – Pavel Ostrikov) Trpovski was nominated for the national awards of Ukraine “Golden Yule” in the category “Best actor”.

In his last film “the Secret diary of Simon Petlyura” the actor also played a major role. The tape was shot on Ukraine, in Lviv and in Kyiv region and in France. The premiere of this film is scheduled for autumn 2018.

Actor Fyodor Dobronravov in conversation with journalists commented on the death of a colleague on the series “Matchmakers” Oleg Tripulskogo. “A great actor. Bring condolences to relatives”, — said the actor. According to Dobronravova in an interview with the Fifth channel, it was horrible, when at this age die good actors.