Pugacheva's actions greatly crippled Christina Orbakaite's Close people turned out to be a hindrance to each other.< p>
Pugacheva's actions severely crippled "sweet life" Kristina Orbakaite Unlike mother and stepfather, Kristina Orbakaite continues to live in Moscow and participates in many projects and even gives concerts in the Crimea. But, nevertheless, the behavior of relatives affected her. New Year's holidays and corporate events that excite the soul and replenish the pocket are ahead. ;sweet life" Kristina Orbakaite” />

So, according to the capital's concert director Sergei Lavrov, almost no one orders Christina Orbakaite for Olivier salad. The reputation of relatives has done its job. Previously, the main competitor in the “chess” for the daughter of Alla Borisovna was the singer Valeria, and now the latter has more than enough orders for the New Year, but Christina “nervously smokes on the sidelines.”

Pugacheva's actions greatly crippled Christina Orbakaite's

“They are always with Valeria competed. Customers took either one or the second. But now times have changed. Valeria is actively working, but Christina is ordered much less often. Firstly, Orbakaite has no new hits. Secondly, mom and “dad” ruined everything for her with their actions. Their departure had a direct impact on Christina's earnings,” says the organizer. Kristina Orbakaite's “dolce life” was knocked down” />

Apparently, Alla Pugacheva will not have a single corporate party. Moreover, the artist does not mind performing, but for her 40-minute concert she demands 20 million rubles and earlier clients were even for such an amount, but now no one is even interested.

Based on the situation, most likely Pugacheva will now be looking for clients abroad, but not very talented Orbakaite is more difficult with this. Read more: 1 2 3 4 5 next. →

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