Акробатка сорвалась с высоты в огонь на шоу талантов The couple decided to surprise the jury of a dangerous trick. Man blindfolded and had to catch the feet of the lady, but couldn’t. In the end she fell on the floor in front of two year-old son, who was present in the hall.

American talent show America’s Got Talent almost ended in scandal during a number of couples from Utah. Theis Nielsen and Mary Wolfe-Nielsen performed difficult tricks to impress the jury and win the sympathy of the audience. For greater effect, the man blindfolded, hoping to blindly catch the feet of the couple, but not in time – the gymnast slipped, and fell to the arena, where they were divorced fire.

Judges froze in horror as the whole room. Moreover, among the guests present were two year old son of acrobats with their grandmother. Despite falling from a great height, the actress escaped with only minor injuries. Literally in a few seconds after the incident she was ready to perform the trick again and promised that he will make it perfect. However, members of the jury were against it.

Despite the fact that the artists made a mistake, it did not affect the judges ‘ decision. In this season, which began in late may, the talents of people appreciate the TV host Simon Cowell, model Heidi Klum, singer Melanie brown and actor Howie Mandel, and the supermodel tyra banks is the lead program.

Not always extreme stunts performed during the television show, without injury and serious damage. Three years ago, Russia was the “No insurance” Stars of show business are constantly practicing every week to impress the jury and the audience their successes. Then the actress Kristina Asmus hurt my knee when I do a back flip, but refused hospitalization. Moreover, the next day she again came to the training.