Обидчик избитого в клубе DJ SMASH заключен под стражу
The former Deputy was detained for 48 hours.

Photo: Instagram

It took a month and a half after a daring attack on DJ SMASH in the Perm club. And finally, the offender stars arrested. Yet only 48 hours, but the term can be extended up to three days, during which will be chosen the measure of restraint of freedom for the ex-the Deputy Alexander telepneva. This was reported by the public advocate DJ Evgeny Vasev.

We will remind, in February of this year Andrey Shirman (it’s real name SMASH) was severely beaten in one of the clubs in Perm.

“Tell how it was: it happened at about three o’clock in the morning, shared the details of what happened DJ. — Arriving at the club, I was photographed with everyone, including those who later attacked me. Only, alas, the photo was cropped and the instigator of the fight, Vankevich Sergey happened to her only half. He came later in a state of extreme intoxication, when I was standing at the bar with his back to the dance floor and made the order. He began to demand a new photo, and received a polite refusal. Then he tried to pull me away from the bar, but didn’t keep standing and fell to the floor. In the next second, standing beside Alexander Telepnev struck me a blow across the temple and jaw, knocking me down, and after both were finished my legs. I was conscious. Open fracture of jaw with displacement, fracture of the bones of the face right cheek, closed cherepno-a brain trauma, concussion and much more. The operations were, I feel much better.”

At the hospital Andrew had spent nearly a month. All this time there was a consequence. As the lawyer told TASS, a forensic examination in the case of the beating showed that Shirman has caused harm to health of average weight. Under article 112 of the criminal code the offender DJ faces from 6 months to 5 years of imprisonment. What measure of restraint will be chosen in relation to the telepneva, will be known within two days.