The 51-year-old Halle berry has a young boyfriend

У 51-летней Холли Берри  появился молодой бойфренд
The actress vacationed with her lover in a tropical Paradise.

У 51-летней Холли Берри  появился молодой бойфренд

Halle Berry


У 51-летней Холли Берри  появился молодой бойфренд

Photo: Halle Berry/Instagram

Halle berry not long to be sad
alone. In the early summer of 51-year-old actress swore that no one
found, and here is her vengeance unfolds a passionate affair with a young producer Alex Da kid.
And all this — against the backdrop of the exotic landscape.

The other day Holly shared
new photo: she loved resting in Bali. Judging by the photos, the actress perfectly
rested. She sunbathed, and swam, and rode a water bike… Not
without a romantic dinner: on one of the photos captured Holly hut
on stilts with covered table for two inside.

The first time berry saw with a 35-year-old Alex
in July. Reporters who caught them for dinner at Los Angeles restaurant Il Cielo.
They later appeared together in other places — on a romantic date in
London restaurant, at a party Miu-Miu in
the fashion week in London.

But admitted his affair with Holly
only in September. Then she shared a photo, which depicted herself with
Alex Da kid, whose real name is Alexander Grant. “It allows me
to find my life balance!” — signed the berry. As can be seen, the actress has already
had time to rest from the vicissitudes and scandals of their former marriages and novels

Recall: a divorce from her
husband number three, actor Olivier Martenson, the father of her 3-year-old son, Maceo,
Holly has completed in December 2016. While meeting with Martinez, she was
serious romance with labored in the business model Gabriel Aubrey, with whom
she gave birth to a daughter Nala (she was now five years). As for the first two
marriage actress — singer Eric
Bennett and baseball player David justice, they were both childless.

Halle berry with Alex Da kid