Календарь Pirelli 2019: Джиджи Хадид и Холли Берри в Милане

Pirelli is the fifth in the world (by profit) the manufacturer of automobile tires. For the Italian brand’s more that every year since 1964 are shown in the calendar! It removed the eminent stars, and the photos are the best photographers. This time for the calendar 2019 has created a scenario on the theme of “Dream”, which embodied the model Gigi Hadid and Laetitia Casta, ballerina misty Copeland and dancer Sergei Polunin, designer Alexander Wang, actress Julia garner and others.

Календарь Pirelli 2019: Джиджи Хадид и Холли Берри в Милане

Worked on the photos this year 76-year-old British photographer albert Watson. It should be noted that in working on annual calendars was attended by almost all famous photographers. Shooting the calendar took only ten days, but the author passed a year! Using photos albert gave four stories of the girls who are looking for the meaning of life, my purpose and dream.

“To make the dream a reality, you need back-breaking work,” — talks about his idea of the photographer. “I always go to the goal step by step, achieving one at a time, and did not want to get everything at once. Even when it feels like the flow of desires will never end, I believe that it is necessary to surrender completely their ambitions and dreams”.

Motion #meToo, which has gained significant momentum in recent times, also influenced the choice of topics and the style of the calendar. If before the reversals appeared Topless girls, now you can hardly see.

“I wanted to create something that will not be a simple portrait of someone — I wanted it to look like a frame of film. I wanted people to see photos in their purest form. I tried to recreate the situation that would have depicted a woman with a positive side.”

To celebrate the release of the calendar decided in Milan at the gala dinner. The main guests were Gigi Hadid and Halle berry. Gigi’s for dinner, chose a black satin slinky floor-length dress from Zac Posen, and Holly was in a light dress with ruffles, a plunging neckline and high cut on the thigh from Aadnevik.

Календарь Pirelli 2019: Джиджи Хадид и Холли Берри в Милане

Recall that recently, Gigi told us about their fears. She appeared on the cover of the December issue of W Magazine, and in an interview told about a very unusual phobia. On the cover she appeared in the role of rock diva Debbie Harry, even though she looks nothing like her.

A lot of celebrities are afraid of spiders, like Kim Kardashian. On Ellen DeGeneres she scared the shit out of her insects. Many can’t handle the altitude, but Gigi is afraid of open the toilet lid. “I’m not afraid of spiders, heights or clowns. But I can’t stand to get out of the shower and see that the toilet lid is open. I’m all wet, and then there’s this water in the toilet… don’t know why, just can’t take a shower with an open toilet lid. And I guarantee that after my words you too will start to pay attention to it when you go to the shower.”

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