«Вот же семейка»: Мария Максакова возмущена, что мать не поздравила ее с днем рождения Maria Maksakova has once again shared family conflicts. It turned out, the mother of the singer congratulated her birthday, which surprised me a lot the star. But the actress managed to connect with his son Ilya.
«Вот же семейка»: Мария Максакова возмущена, что мать не поздравила ее с днем рождения

Since then, as Maria Maksakova with her husband Denis by Voronenkova fled to Ukraine, it has soured relations with all family members. Opera diva for the second year can not see her kids from a previous relationship, and her mother Lyudmila Maksakova and refuses to communicate with her daughter.

Thus, recently the actress did not congratulate Maria happy birthday. This fact so angered the singer, she decided to tell about it in social networks.

“Ilyusha (14-year-old son of Mary from the relationship with Vladimir Tyurin — approx. ed) called me and congratulated me. And my mother did not. That’s the same family,” wrote Maria Maksakova.
«Вот же семейка»: Мария Максакова возмущена, что мать не поздравила ее с днем рождения

Words Opera star surprised many fans, because Ludmila is long out of communication with his daughter. After the 77-year-old actress in the hearts told reporters that the Council of the death of Denis Boronenkov, its communication with Maria went to “no”. And yet, the diva was hoping that the mother will remember her at least July 24 and call you on a holiday.

Consolation for Maksakova was that the relationship with her son Ilya. A day earlier, on July 23, the boy had a birthday, but Mary can’t get through to the heir.

Throw the son of Maria Maksakova: “Elijah, you must have changed your phone”

“My dear son Elijah! I today are in a kind of loss – you must have changed your phone. And I have no way to congratulate you personally on the day you were born. But, following your advice, you were very fond of this expression, I will use modern means of communication and appeal to you publicly,” said Maksakova alarmed.

Now that the Opera diva was able to talk with his son, fans hope for an early thaw in their relationship. Mary herself has repeatedly noted that her controversial move has not changed the feelings to older children. She also wants to see his heirs, but does not have the opportunity.

Maksakova are unable to visit the funeral of father Peter Igenbergs. According to Mary, she was always close with my dad, and he is incredibly worried about her.

By the way, recently there were rumors that the 77-year-old Lyudmila has found a new love. At the festival “Rendezvous” in Jurmala, and it’s mysterious companion, but the actress has so far refused to comment on the status of these relations.

Stas Sadalsky has shown a new lover 77-year-old Lyudmila Maksakova