“That’s love!” Yuliya Proskuryakova “grew” a mustache like my husband

«Вот это любовь!» Юлия Проскурякова «отрастила» усы, как у мужа
The wife of Igor Nikolaev was struck by the desire to win.

Photo: Instagram

Julia Proskuryakova has amazed fans with his sense of humor and faith in a brighter future. The wife of Igor Nikolaev took part in the flashmob, which was launched in your evening show on the First channel Ivan Urgant. He urged all men to grow a moustache to support the Russian players. Why a mustache? Because they is our national coach Stanislav Cherchesov.

Surprisingly this comic joined not only all employees of the show “Evening Urgant”, headed by Ivan, Alexander Gudkov, Alla Mikheeva and “Fruits”. The flashmob was supported by the goalkeeper of the Moscow team “Spartak” Artem Rebrov, singer Dima Bilan and many others, as an ardent fan of Igor Nikolaev and all happened to be “in trend”. So Yulia is also “God himself commanded” to join the action.

Together with his friends and colleagues Proskuryakova pasted on the face mustache and went to walk around the city. Summer star family usually spends in Latvia, where they too will learn, but calmly refer to any “eccentricities” of people.

By the way, the flash mob has become popular not only among the stars, but throughout the country. If you go to the social media hashtag #sanadidi, we can see that tens of thousands of fans took part in the flashmob. Someone strongly growing a mustache, someone shaves his beard and leaves the vegetation just above the lips, someone sticks a fake mustache…

Russian people want to somehow insure that our team was at least in the 1/4 finals. For more, of course, no one expects. However, Stanislav Cherchesov it almost “sing hymns,” because he did the impossible — he led his team to the playoffs of the world Cup for the first time in 32 years! With a light hand of the commentator of the match Russia-Egypt via Russia, “national anthem” coach long did not have to search. Immediately after the final whistle he turned on the TV the song of the group “Leningrad” “You’re just a space, Stas!” “Forgive me, Sergei Shnurov, which I know now, too, here at the stadium in St. Petersburg!” he said.

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