Вот как ты запела! Жизнь бывшей невесты Глинникова круто изменилась
Ekaterina Nikulina announced the change.

MOONCAT – Bliss Apple Music in VK ! The link to the group : https://vk.com/realmooncat ? I want to Express my thanks to: Music/mixing – @elmanxo Entry – @alexzokerman Cover – @sneksy

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It seems that Olga Buzova asked in secular circles fashion
tone: lost loved ones — do not hold in themselves, sing. Singers are the most
unexpected segments of the population of the star Olympus. The ranks of the novice performers
joined the winner of last season of the show “the Bachelor” and former bride of Elijah
Glinnikov Ekaterina Nikulina.

This beautiful novel was observed by millions
spectators, and six months after the end of the project, the Network appeared information
about the wedding, the breakup, and even fights of the pair. In February 2018, it became clear that
the lovers are finally parted.

Then the actor left in his microblog touching
good-bye, is designed for the truck. But at the same time announced the start of a new Chapter
life. “Let’s forgive those whom do not want to forgive, we tolerate even then,
when the forces on an outcome. Good and cleanse
all! PS Dear alien, I read your interview and I remembered that we
together, garnet was clean… As in glasses and bandanas may 9, watched fireworks on my
favorite the roof. As we walked forward under the scrutiny of television cameras and
‘ve gotten stronger. I wish you to find yourself and to find happiness. The show must
go it,” commented Ilya breakup with Catherine.

Later, Kate has publicly stated that they with Ilya was
a sincere novel. According to Nikulina, and Glinnikov they do not get along,
so were the friends. After breaking up with actor and model decided to do
singing career. In February Nikulina said that preparing to release the first
music album and has now unveiled her debut song called “Bliss”.
To make Catherine is going under the pseudonym MOONCAT.

Glinnikov Ilya and Ekaterina Nikulina