Что подарила королева Елизавета внуку на день рождения?
Prince George received an unusual gift.

Что подарила королева Елизавета внуку на день рождения?

Prince George and Princess Charlotte


Prince George
which Sunday it will be five years already got one gift from her great-grandmother the Queen. This is not a plush toy and a new machine that
the young Prince loves. George gave iron money! By order of Elizabeth, in honour of the Prince was minted
coin 5 pounds sterling in accordance with the number of lived
George years. Coin not yet released in circulation, but collectors can buy it for 13 pounds. It was minted in two versions — silver
and of gold, which, of course, are much more expensive. Coin embellished
the image of St. George, considered the patron Saint of Britain and Prince
George, in particular. After all, the name of the Prince — English
version named George.

The new coin was
a continuation of a series started in 2013, when on the occasion of the birth of the son of Duchess Catherine and Prince William were
released the very first. Since then, George managed to grow up and become a student:
last fall he began to attend school Thomas’s
Battersea, where, according to teachers, he successfully learns and
participates in all activities. In the last New years eve George
entrusted role in the school Nativity play: the young Prince played there … the sheep!

While not reported, how it will celebrate the birthday of George. Soon
all, he will be quiet in the family circle, because the parents of Prince now
too many worries to organize a big feast because born in may
third child Katherine Prince Louis, the younger brother of Princess Charlotte and George, are still very young.

Photo: Instagram