«Спасибо за сына!» Орбакайте трогательно поздравила Преснякова с 50-летием
Today the singer celebrates fiftieth anniversary.

Photo: Instagram

Kristina Orbakaite and Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. broke up over 20 years ago, but still binds tender friendship. Their common son Nikita Presnyakov — have long grown up, married, and certainly in the next couple of years will make them grandparents. However, the public still remembers the love story of Christina and Vladimir.

They are the children of famous artists, they started Dating when he was 18, and Christina is only 15 years old. They hung out, made a career and loved each other to the delight of the people. In five years, was born Nikita, and in five, alas, they broke up, but managed to stay great friends.

With the 50th anniversary Orbakaite congratulated Presnyakov first. At least in social networks.

“Happy birthday, happy anniversary! she wrote in a personal blog. — We had a lovely childhood. Thank you for your son!”

The singer has also published one of their most famous archive photographs. On it — young Kristina and Vova. He is owner of hugging the wife and Orbakaite looks very gentle and clearly feels “a stone wall”.

“Such a beautiful couple, sorry that did not happen!”, “I remember you at this age, you dope!”, “Two angels!” commented fans. Some even thought that this photo sold at concerts in the form of calendars.

It is interesting that in the first hours after the appearance of the publication, the post gathered more than a thousand reviews and nearly a hundred thousand “likes”. Such a stir on the page of Christine was not long ago.