Тесть Бондарчука вряд ли будет наказан за избиение женщины
Mikhail Mamiashvili not bear responsibility for ill-treatment with the athletes in Rio.

Тесть Бондарчука вряд ли будет наказан за избиение женщины

Michael Mamiashvili with his wife and grandchildren

The world of sport, as we know, tough enough, and there is no room for sentimentality. Although boundaries still probably have to attend. However, “should” does not mean “is”. As it became known, scandalous escapade in-law of Sergei Bondarchuk, Olympic champion and the head of Federation of wrestling Mikhail Mamiashvili, will likely go unpunished. The athlete Inna Trazhukova made a sensational statement accusing Michael of beating.

“Took the bronze medal bout, which I lost – Trazhukova told. – At the end of the competition I met the President of Federation Mikhail Mamiashvili drunk. He was verbally abusive, rude and hit me twice in the face. All this happened in front of witnesses. I’m not in bondage to because of lost the battle so to me! I was humiliated in public. I want to stop that in the future it does not suffer athletes!”

Michael Mamiashvili

He Mamiashvili deny what ina did not. But about the apology humiliated athlete is out of the question. On the contrary, in his interviews Mamiashvili not skimp on the hard remarks Trazhukova and all the other athletes participating in the Olympics under the aegis of the Federation.

“I have been varnishing indifference, apathy? Look for words of comfort, indifferent to man? Trazhukova house had to say: “I will deliver you at the right time, not going to overcome difficulties and their weaknesses when we’re on the front lines, so don’t put me in the lineup”. What happened: Trjukovoe eventually defeated 37-year-old pole, who miraculously got in Rio,” said Michael. A day earlier he called “a jerk” the other athlete, who took silver — Natalia Vorobyov. According to him, she had to “die”, but not to give the victory to the opponent. “10 seconds to give gold medals — lot of nobodies,” said Mamiashvili, among other things, the candidate of pedagogical Sciences.

Guess what the outcome of this scandal, it seems, is not necessary. The Minister of sport Mutko said that after the incident, conducted with Michael educational conversation and asked him to continue to behave in hands”. However, according to Mutko, he will not mind to listen to the athlete upon return to Russia. Would 25-year-old Trazhukova to go to the end and risk your future — the big question. If not, then the antics Mamiashvili and will continue to go on.

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