Терри Ирвинг прокомментировала слухи о романе с Расселом Кроу

Rumors about the novel the widow of Steve Irwin, Terry and his best friend Russell Crowe, and also about their upcoming wedding, runs for a few months. Meanwhile, neither Terry nor her alleged lover did not comment on their relationship, and the audience reasonably decided that silence gives consent. But the daughter of Steve and Terri, Bindi last week denied the rumors. her beloved uncle Russell, a longtime family friend might become her stepfather. Tired of rumors, the word decided to take myself Terry.

According to the woman, and in fact is very close with Russell, but not as much as they say about romance is not the issue. After the tragic death of her husband ten years ago, Crowe was one of the few who stayed with them and supported the family of Steve, thus proving their sincere friendship. Still they consider him a member of his family.
“Steve and Russell were friends for many years and after her husband did not, I had to find out who your real friends are. And Russell was the man on whom we could rely on in any situation. He helped us save Wildlife Reserve, has publicly defended our Steve’s brainchild, and the government heard him. He is a very dear and close friend, but there’s nothing between us,” said Terry.
For ten years Mrs. Irving not found a replacement for the deceased husband, and not looking for her. She admitted that the better man than her husband, she did not find.
“I still feel a connection with Steve. If not meeting him, I probably would have never got married. He was a very special person in particular for me. And continues to be. I’m not alone, I’m with Steve,” said Terry. Bindi, her daughter, said in an interview that her mother believes that she’s with Steve were own souls, and in the next life also together.