Terrific educational designer for the little engineer

Потрясающий развивающий конструктор для маленького инженера

Your child will not surprise the LEGO designers, it is no longer interesting to build from plastic blocks are static objects that the baby wants to experiment? Then the custom constructor can be replaced advanced.

Потрясающий развивающий конструктор для маленького инженера

Now on Kickstarter successfully raises funds designer, something reminiscent of the well-known LEGO. It also consists of blocks of different shapes that are interconnected or mounted on a special plate. But the novelty is much more functional classic designer. In addition to the usual set of plastic blocks includes blocks that conduct electricity. Thanks to these blocks you can generate an electrical circuit. Also included will be delivered modules with lamps, a large block of the battery blocks with engines, modules with sensors of sound, light and proximity. And now the most interesting unit with a Bluetooth module through which to manage the constructed mechanism will be using a smartphone.

It is also worth mentioning that all modules are compatible with LEGO bricks and MEGA BLOCKS, and therefore, it creates tremendous opportunities for creativity and experimentation.

The initial set of this unusual designer will cost 29$.

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