Terminally ill sister Evelina Bledans was sentenced for smuggling

Смертельно больная сестра Эвелины Бледанс получила срок за контрабанду

Some time ago, Evelina Bledans became a party to show Lera Kudryavtseva “the Secret to a million”, where he spoke about many of his secrets. There, in the Studio of the wider public became aware of the fact that Evelina has a younger sister, Diana, who now does heavy fight not just for their health but for their lives. Evelyn promised that he would do everything possible to help his sister cope with the illness, but later it turned out that Bledans not much configured to do so. The actress helped out a relative new clothes, but money for treatment not given. Of course, society pounced on Evelyn accusations, saying, “I gave the word, and not holding him.” In fact, in fact, all over. All went home: Evelina in the suburbs, and Diana in Yalta.

The name Diana Bledans again appeared in the media. However, this time there was no discussion of her health, and the question of its violation of the law.

It turned out that 40-year-old Diana passed sentence on the case of contraband of potent substances. Bledans was detained in the Rostov region in November of 2016 when you try to move across the border of Russia pills that contains a potent substance “tramadol”. The total mass of the substance was more than nine grams.

It is reported that Diana was found guilty in smuggling of potent psychotropic substances. The court sentenced her to three years of imprisonment with punishment serving in a colony of General regime. At the moment the verdict has not yet entered into force, therefore can be appealed.

By the way, his famous cousin Diana about their problems not told: “Last time I talked to her when I congratulated each other with Easter. She didn’t say anything about their problems with the law. Apparently felt that this information is not for me.” Based on this, Evelyn says that no action to help the sisters take it will not.