Смертельно больную Шеннен Доэрти заставят явиться в суд
The actress will have a few hours to testify.

Смертельно больную Шеннен Доэрти заставят явиться в суд

Shannen Doherty in the TV series “Charmed”

Shannen Doherty

Photo: Fotodom.ru

shocking news from the misadventures of the star of “Charmed” — Shannen Doherty: her
want to make give hours of testimony. This is despite the fact that
the actress is seriously ill — she now
experiencing a relapse of the cancer disease.

This story began a year ago, when 45-year-old Shannen
was first diagnosed with breast cancer. And the doctors told her that if
she turned to him before, her chances of recovery would have been much higher.
But Doherty always regularly went for check — UPS- Yes, 2014, when she
lost my health insurance. The fact that the employee of the insurance company, throughout
appear to have lost her receipt is on the annuity. And she was able to resume
insurance a year later. But as times during this time and developed her illness!

It is not surprising that Shannen was furious and decided to sue
to blame for her trouble the servant of the company is Steven Blatt. However, soon,
when the actress started therapy and figured out a few hard she takes it, she
asked to postpone the trial indefinitely. Since then she
had the surgery, she then underwent a course of chemotherapy and in the near future doctors
ordered Shannen and another course of radiation therapy…

Doherty recently made the shocking statement: its a disease
spread further and spread to the lymph nodes. And as Shannen with
tears admitted during a recent TV show, she was beginning to doubt that
it’s all over for her good. “I’m afraid I’ll die in the next five years…” — said the actress.

And, despite
such a tragic turn of events, Blatt recently wrote a statement to the court in which
in fact, Doherty accused in evasion from the continuation of the process without good
reason! He stated that the actress does not feel as bad as she
claims. Because the last time Shannen gave some interviews and even
had the chance to fly to Australia! Therefore, according to Blatt, the actress should
to get them to give hours of testimony, as is required in California in the early
of the judicial process.

Doherty was so
outraged by this attack that did not even bother herself to answer the charges. From
the face of the actress made the statement of her representative: “Shannen is just trying to lead a normal way
of life despite your condition. But this does not mean that she feels
good!” How will the judge react to the statements of Blatt and Doherty, time will tell.

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