Teresa Giudice is justified in the TV show

Тереза Джудиче оправдывается в телешоу

Тереза Джудиче оправдывается в телешоу

Teresa and Joe sit on a long-awaited interview with Andy Cohen on October 27, and it already looks explosive, because the husband doubts the faithfulness of his wife! Is there a way out?!

47-year-old Teresa Giudici and 47-year-old Joe Giudici, of course, still married, but their 20-year Union seems to be crumbling right before our eyes! The pair finally sat at the negotiating table for an interview with Andy Cohen, and he did not hesitate, began his conversation with the hottest issues. When it’s Joe, if he believes his wife faithful while he was serving 41 months in prison for fraud, and then eight months in the ICE, he replied: “I don’t know — I don’t think so”, after these words, Teresa broke down and cried. Despite the fact that she could not have physical contact with Joe from March 2016, Teresa has repeatedly denied any extramarital affair — despite the fact that she was seen at various parties where she held hands with other men.

Тереза Джудиче оправдывается в телешоу

Joe joined the interview via satellite from Italy, where he voluntarily decided to stay until his fate is about the best in America is solved. After he had served 41 months of prison, the judge decided to deport him to his country of birth, even if he immigrated to the United States as a small child. Joe never got citizenship. He went to Italy after a request for postponement, ultimately deciding that it is better to have freedom on the other side of the world than to remain locked in the chamber. Teresa has denied the charges in an interview, explaining that she has “many guy friends” and that she was “happy that Joe is finally free.” However, more recently, in an interview, she said that she “picked up” the other guy, however, was not happy. However, the term “picked up” for Therese is not included in the concept of infidelity.

A long prison sentence Joe followed 11 months in prison Teresa in 2015, according to the same charges and she told me that she didn’t believe Joe at the time. “Do I feel that he was faithful? No, ‘ said Teresa in an interview. Teresa then reminded Joe that he “photographed with other women,” to which Joe replied, “And that’s what you like”. Joe explained to Andy that he “was in fact” faithful to his wife during this time, despite rumors and statements.
Until their explosive interview, the pair repeatedly tried to figure out their relationship, mostly because of their four daughters Gia, 18 years old, Gabriella, 15, Melanie, 14, and Adriana 10 years. “It doesn’t look like happy tears said Andy, Teresa and I think you’re talking about your relationship with Joe in the past tense.” How will this family drama?! Only time will tell

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