Teona Dolnikova showed her baby.

Теона Дольникова показала своего малыша
Recently the couple Teona Dolnikova and Maksim Shcheglov was born.

Теона Дольникова показала своего малыша

Young hid the pregnancy of the singer to the last. About the birth of the baby became known only after discharge from the hospital.

The other day in the microblog Tony appeared cute picture in which a young mother holding a sleeping baby lying on the bed.

“Yes, I became a mother of a beautiful boy. In this world there is a ray of light. I don’t want to be Frank, I can only confirm that I became a mom, and very happy. My impatient boy so eager for freedom that was born prematurely, so I was in no hurry to tell everyone. But now you need not worry, we are fine. He eats well, sleeps, happy mother and friendly with Sobukwe,” wrote Theon after the baby is born.

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