Teona Dolnikova scored an awful lot of excess weight in pregnancy

Теона Дольникова набрала катастрофически много лишнего веса за беременность
The singer intends to bring back their old slim figure.

Teona Dolnikova

Photo: @Instagram Teona dolnikova Dolnikova

Teona Dolnikova surprised subscribers a Frank recognition: standing on the scales after the birth of first child, she was horrified. It turned out that the actress now weighs about 70 pounds, which, according to her, for her an awful lot. Before Theon became a mother, she’d never seen such a “terrible” numbers on the scales.

“Begin the calculations. It like it is! “Garlic”! It’s a disaster, so I haven’t weighed ever in my life! But! I believe in myself! Believe in your willpower! My favorite, all of you worried about how to quickly and dramatically I have not lost weight! Thank you very much for your concern! I’m so happy! I will lose the weight gradually and sensibly.” — told Dolnikova.

Not to miss Theon decided to use the joint weight loss its users. She has launched a social media marathon, and intends in the end to choose a winner and give him a pleasant surprise. Theon prepared for the issue of transformation is very radical. It will straineth under the strict supervision of a physician in order not to lose the opportunity to feed newborn son breast milk.

The perfect product to diet in the near future Dolnikova… called buckwheat. In addition, the list of “represence” got: fermented baked milk, yogurt, Turkey. From sweet Theon recommends flatly refuse, but water to drink a little more to stimulate lactation.

Recall that the child’s father was the actor Maxim Schegolev. Dolnikova began a relationship with him about a year ago, but yet about the wedding, the lovers do not say. Perhaps, now that their house has a baby, they decide to tie the knot.