Teona Dolnikova no longer hide my son’s face

Теона Дольникова перестала скрывать лицо сына The singer shared with the subscribers touching the frame. Teona Dolnikova showed the fans in Instagram a photograph in the company of the heir. In the post, the woman expressed her feelings to the boy.

The star of the musicals Theon Dolnikova and actor Maksim Shcheglov became parents a little over two months ago. Almost immediately after birth crumbs a young mother has pleased the followers of the microblog photo with a cute child. However, the face of the firstborn, the actress decided to hide from prying eyes until the last. Then fans of the star were sure that for a long time will not be able to see who looks like a baby, and admire his cute appearance.

However, the artist decided not to torment the faithful admirers of his talent and posted a touching picture. In the photo the boy snuggled together and fell asleep next to her mother. In the frame visible part of the face of the baby and his little arm. To photograph the woman wrote a small text with a philosophical sense in which he told fans his views on some important things.

“Today I learned a lot about people, about the hypocrisy and immorality. About friendship, about true and honest, which can overcome any differences, and about the honesty. Sad and free at the same time. And I realized the most important thing! What is the most important person is the one who lies in my arms!” – shared wisdom Theon.

Fans of Dolnikova liked the frame, and the statement published by the favorite. They supported the young mother, having expressed sincere words of love. In addition, many of the subscribers blonde was touched by a boy and came to the conclusion that the son of star couple a miracle.

“Honey, I love you”, “You’re right! There’s nobody closer and dearer than their own child! May God grant you health and happiness”, “How much tenderness in this card!”, “The main person in my life is the son! That’s all that matters”, “Beautiful sacastic,” “Sweetheart, motherhood has made you all some kind of unearthly. Be happy!” commented followers.

Note that in addition to the external charm, the child artists have a clear talent. Recently, Theon confessed that the son is already showing interest in music. In one interview she told that the heir distinguishes all the family, lots of smiles and even remembers the song that the artist sang to him while pregnant. Dolnikova also stressed that only by becoming a mother, I felt real happiness and harmony within. Teona Dolnikova told how gave birth prematurely