Teona Dolnikova longing for a deceased lover

Теона Дольникова тоскует по скончавшемуся возлюбленному The star of the musicals honored the memory of the late beloved actor Nikita Bychenkova. On Monday, the young man could celebrate his birthday. Teona Dolnikova thanked the artist for everything, including a meeting with the future civil husband Maxim Shchegolev.
Теона Дольникова тоскует по скончавшемуся возлюбленному

Three years ago tragically ended the life of 27-year-old actor Nikita Bychenkova, the beloved star of musicals Teona Dolnikova. The actor lost consciousness during a performance. Arrived at the scene, medical professionals pronounced him dead of a heart attack. Colleagues Nikita told reporters that he had not abused alcohol and had a rare discipline.

Monday, September 25, Bychenkova would have turned 31. Teona Dolnikova turned to the suddenly deceased actor. The singer does not forget about the loved one. In recognition of the singer, she is grateful to Nikita for many things, including meeting with the future civil husband Maxim Shchegolev. The man was the father of her son, Luciano.

“Happy birthday, my little Coon, thank you for everything… for everything you taught me, for what you were to me. Now you are where we all one day will meet. Fly, my home, my beautiful Nikita, and Shine on us all there… Tatyana yearns for you. You don’t have enough… And also, thank you for Maxim and Ray, without you this meeting would not be”, – said Theon in one of the social networks.

The actress also thanked Maxim Shchegolev. “Baby, thank you that you came into my life and for the fact that you’re there and understand everything! I love you,” said Dolnikova.

Subscribers singer was supported by her encouraging comments. “To tears”, “Let him be better”, “They live while we remember them”, “Happiness”, “the Kingdom of heaven Nikita. He is now your guardian angel”, “take care of yourself, baby and max,” “he was beautiful and talented,” – discussed social media users.

Recall that Nikita Bychenkov died suddenly while touring in Orenburg in 2014. The young man graduated from the Institute named Shchukin and played in the theater Et Cetera. Teona Dolnikova extremely grieved at the sudden death of the beloved.

Теона Дольникова тоскует по скончавшемуся возлюбленному“My curly Prince, my space, my genius, my love… I know, I know you’re there… So I write. I know you see it.. You said it yourself that we have a cosmic connection… But I so want to kiss you and hug. Just a world without you is gone, darling. It is not for me. We used to think kilometers, when went home. Now what? Counting the years? And how to live with all these stupid years? Nikitich,” wrote Theon in Instagram a month after the tragic event.