Teona Dolnikova I first became a mom

Теона Дольникова впервые стала мамой The singer gave birth to a son. Teona Dolnikova few weeks hiding from the fans great news about the new addition to the family. Only on the eve of March 8, the artist decided to declassified, posted a video shot in the backdrop of the crib with the baby.

      Actress and singer Teona Dolnikova I first became a mom. Star gave her beloved man, the actor Maxim Shchegoleva son. Replenishment of the family occurred in February. However, Theon Dolnikova chose to keep a happy event a secret from time to time, without informing the news to the subscribers of his microblog. Young mother only a few times had published the pictures, which was without the tummy. But because she tried not to draw attention to her pregnancy, and these photos, made probably after the birth of her son, no values are attached.

      All was made clear just yesterday, when Teona Dolnikova posted a video addressed to the mother of her dead fiancé Nikita Bychenkova. Star touching congratulated Tatyana Grigoryevna happy birthday by singing a song and saying that will congratulate her personally as soon as it will allow baby. In the frame Theon standing there in front of the carrycot for the newborn.

      Subscribers Dolnikova immediately pelted her with questions about the baby. The young mother, however, left them unattended. She answered knowledgeable in the Affairs of the star’s subscribers. “Theo had recently given birth. 15 anniversary of group “SLOT”, when Theon spoke, we all learned about this wonderful event,” said one of the fans. Note that the concert on the occasion of round date took place on 25 February. So we can assume that Theon Dolnikova became a mother in the middle of the month.

      Subscribers, who learned the good news, hastened to congratulate the actress with her biggest role in life.

      “Congratulations on the birth of a baby quiet! I’m very glad that you joined our ranks of happy moms. Happiness, health to your child, and your family”, “Tenochca, congratulations on the birth of your baby! Health and happiness to you too!” “Tease, dear! Academy N.With. Mikhalkov congratulates you with the new role! The most important in your life”, – such kind words and wishes left in the microblog singer.

      At the last greetings Theon reacted to the comment-appreciated. “Oh, how nice! Thank you!” – wrote a young mother.

      Recall that Theon Dolnikova expecting a baby, the General public became aware in early December. Teona Dolnikova expecting a baby

      The artist quite a long time managed to hide the news about the upcoming addition. Neither the sex of the unborn baby, or a tentative date of his birth Theon had never voiced.