Teona Dolnikova gets rid of the hated kilograms

Теона Дольникова избавляется от ненавистных килограммов Young mother shocked by the mark on the scales. The actress told followers that have decided to fight with the extra pounds. According to Dolnikova, she determined. Members supported the star in her aspirations.

      The star of the musicals Theon Dolnikova decided to actively prepare for the summer. Recently became a mom the actress is planning to get rid of kilos during pregnancy. A young mother shares details with followers on the social network page.

      Dolnikova not ashamed to admit that the mark on the scales shocked her. A young woman posted the picture on which it is possible to consider the indicator 70 pounds.

      “This is a disaster, so I haven’t weighed ever in my life. But! I believe in myself! Believe in your willpower! My favorite, all of you worried about how to quickly and dramatically I have not lost weight! Thank you very much for your concern! I’m so happy! I will lose the weight gradually and sensibly. Necessarily with sports, so that’s now allowed me in my situation! With the advice of doctors and massage! And, of course, in the first place, not forgetting the health of my super-crumbs! For women who have given birth recently: buckwheat – the finest product at the time of GW, it stimulates lactation!” – said Theon in the caption to the picture.

      The actress gave advice to other women who have recently had babies. Dolnikova does not recommend mothers eat the sweet, because the children have problems with digestion. To not to waste the milk, you should drink plenty of water. Dolnikova had a contest for losing weight. According to her, to achieve a result, competing with each other, can be much faster.

      “Terms. If you have given birth quite recently, not more than two months ago and are breastfeeding, it is not advised to go on a diet! Your profile on Instagram must be opened within the next ten days. You put your picture on the scales the day of the marathon and also a photograph in the balance on the last day of the marathon. (Photo needs to be done that day) With a cool result will be the winner,” announced Theon.

      Recall that in early spring it became known that Dolnikova gave birth to a boy. A young mother took the time to share the details of childbirth, as the baby was born early. Fortunately, the baby and the mother feel well, and their life is not threatened. Teona Dolnikova told how gave birth prematurely