Teona Dolnikova called the date of their birth

Теона Дольникова назвала дату своих родов
Popular musical actress will become a mother in three months.

Theon Dolnikova and Maxim Shchegolev

The star of the musicals “Metro”, “Notre Dame de Paris”, “Pola Negri” Teona Dolnikova
and famous actor Maxim Schegolev become parents. The actress, who, expecting
the birth of a child, literally glows with happiness, called the estimated date.

will be parents in late March, and are waiting for this event impatiently. I
happy and feel great,” — said Dolnikova.

The father of the baby Teona — Maxim Shchegolev — a popular Russian film and theater
movie. Maxim works in the theater of the moon and starred in the television series “Junior”, “carp”,
“Sklifosovsky”, “Carmelita” and “Barvikha”.

Relationship Dolnikova and Shchegolev began about a year ago and, according
all began for actress in a fateful three years ago, she lost a loved one
person, and now admits that thankful to God that he found a new

In the last year Theon actively
was engaged in their education — she graduated from the Academy of motion picture arts Nikita
Mikhalkov, and also was engaged in teaching itself. In early March 2016 Dolnikova opened a school of acting.

“At the opening
school I was inspired by my mother — told 7days.ru Theon. — It today
a very beautiful woman, and in his youth was incredibly similar to Audrey Hepburn. Then often
sometimes, great filmmakers have found actors for his films on the street, and
the mother also received offers. She wanted to be an actress and a Director, but
the parents felt that the profession should have another one. So she went to the faculty of
foreign languages. Today she poses with kids shows: this is her story
unrealized dream inspired me to create a Studio for people of the same
as she. Those who for different reasons did not become an actor, even if I wanted to. We
other teachers give them the opportunity to realize their dreams. To try
himself as an actor. Of course, we have children’s groups, but for the most
we orientirueshsya for adults who aspire to dream.”