Соблазни меня, если сможешь: советы по пикапу от Камирен, Лениной и Чеховой Star beauty told how to get any man. Every woman can be happy if you love yourself and learn to give favors first. Celebrities have given valuable advice on mezolevel relations.

Every woman wants to meet a life partner, next to whom she will feel safe. Many women make every effort to conquer a successful and reliable man. However, attempts to seduce the right candidate fail. Women can’t understand where they had done wrong and begin to look for the flaws. Celebrities, successful men, trying to share my experience with others. “StarHit” gathered valuable tips Russian temptresses that can be useful on the difficult path to the heart of any guy.

The first lesson from Anna Semenovich – positive thinking

TV presenter Anna Semenovich believes that before you start looking for a mate, need to engage their inner world, in particular, to stop psyching yourself out. Training Semenovich clients reveals some of the secrets.

“To be one of the top most popular women, it is important to see several steps ahead of everything that is happening around! And it’s great exercise!” – the star for the visitors of master-classes.

According to the mayor, each person can bring happiness into your life if will continuously send a similar message to the Universe. Besides, do not look for the flaws.

“Important full confidence! You have to be always a Queen! Even if you look in the mirror and know that you are overweight, you are awesome!” – told one of the clients of the master class.

The second lesson from Lena – seductive look

Well-known writer Lena Lenin can be considered an expert in the field. Socialite who frequently speaks to influential businessmen and oligarchs, knows that the appearance of a woman is her calling card. Any woman should look well-groomed and sexy.

Lenin believes that during the camp on a date or at social events where there will be many worthy contenders want to choose a attire with sweetheart neckline, black stockings and stiletto heels.

“These codes of sexual attraction of any princes read in seconds. And, of course, the color red, which turned out to do just bulls. If the clothes are red it seems someone is too bold, you can always use accessories of this shade: a handbag, gloves, scarf,” advises Lenin.

The third lesson from Elina Kamiren – How to meet a businessman

The star of “House-2” Elina Kamiren always pays attention to wealthy men. The model is not deprived of attention and often gets surprises from Boyfriends. The woman knows where you can get acquainted with worthy representatives of the stronger sex. As a rule, businessmen meet during lunch in an expensive restaurant or on a walk through luxurious stores.

After the necessary representative of the stronger sex pay attention to you, you should let him know that you are also interested in it: listen to every word, smiling, but in any case not to fall in love. Elina Kamiren told how to catch a millionaire

“If he gives you something, he wants to experience emotions from you. You know? They are important to your psychological efficiency. And will he remember any of this tomorrow, can’t remember, and you will be good or bad – it is generally out of the question! You’ll just girl, who gave something and she responded quite frankly,” said Elina.


According to a leading popular programs 90s about sex Anfisa Chekhova, do not be ashamed of their desires. She believes that gone are the days when it was predossuditelnogo the first to show signs of attention. Wrote a celebrity, many men even like their chosen one takes the first step toward intimacy.

“A woman who knows her value can have sex on the first date, if they wish, without fear that it will be the last. Can openly show their desire to men from love, gifts and attention, not manipulating the sex! The only thing that matters to women – whether she genuinely wants sex and does not agree to this, fearing to refuse, out of selfish motives, drunk, out of gratitude, etc. the Main thing – not to think that sex is the only thing you can give a man,” said Chekhov.

The fifth lesson from Rita Kern Talk about your desires

One of the most striking ex-participants “Houses-2” Rita Kern never hid the fact that he knows many techniques that make it easy to be wooed by any man. She even attended courses, which studied special techniques. Now the Busty brunette may consult other members of the fairer sex. According to her, always have plenty to talk to men so they understand exactly what is required of them darling. Provocateur “House-2” Rita Kern: “the Male needs to provide for me”

“If the girl wants to get a gift, then you need to say directly about it. But there are no relations, no feelings of affection, while you for him not a drug, man will not be generous. If he loves the woman, perceives it as itself, as its continuation. He is liable to a fine lady, and he will provide. And if he is greedy for himself, the woman he once again not spend. But to find a man anywhere, for example, wink to those who liked,” explained Rita “StarHit”.