Temnikova, Elvira T and Hook “rocked” Sochi

Темникова, Эльвира Т и Скриптонит «раскачали» Сочи

  • Темникова, Эльвира Т и Скриптонит «раскачали» Сочи

    Elena Temnikova

  • Темникова, Эльвира Т и Скриптонит «раскачали» Сочи

    Group EstradaRada

  • Темникова, Эльвира Т и Скриптонит «раскачали» Сочи

    Marie Krimpery

  • Темникова, Эльвира Т и Скриптонит «раскачали» Сочи


  • Темникова, Эльвира Т и Скриптонит «раскачали» Сочи

    The group “Time and glass”

  • Темникова, Эльвира Т и Скриптонит «раскачали» Сочи


  • Hook

7 January in the ski resort “Rosa Khutor” took place the final concert of the festival, LiveFest. Over four days, performed on stage with artists of completely different musical directions. The last evening was dedicated to young performers, whose songs have become hits in the past year. The audience was pleased with such artists as Elena Temnikova, Burito, the group “Time and glass”, Emma M, Sonorous, LJ, Artem Pivovarov and others. In addition to pop musicians, the organizers invited and popular rappers. Fans went into raptures when I heard a live performance of the song “Lambada” Kriptonite and T-FEST.

One of the participating Marie Krimpery loudly declared itself, releasing in 2017 the song “Tusi himself.” After such a bright start budding actress is trying to slow down. During the Christmas holidays she was working on a new album which will be released in February.

“New year’s eve I made a wish, of course, success in your career. I try to do everything not to be the author and performer of a one hit wonder. Especially because I already have a few songs that listeners like. During the holidays I worked on that album all the time spent in the Studio, I almost slept there. Apparently, only a year will be able to fully relax! admitted Marie “StarHit”. As a young artist, very worried how I will take the audience in the “rose Hall”. Everything went fine – the audience sang along and was warmly received. But in Sochi I also came to shoot a music video for the song “Cold”.

Many young artists are willing to sacrifice rest in order to seriously work on their own popularity. Singer Elvira T became known back in 2011, performing the song “All agreed”, but after that her songs were not so successful with the General public. This all changed with the release of the single “Taxi,” which entered the charts of radio and television stations. The actress confessed that now tries to do everything to as many people as possible were familiar with her work.

“I’m glad you love your work, music has always been my dream. I sought an honest way to get on the stage,” – said the singer.