Telephone terrorist attacked musician Alexei Fomin As a result, the police had to intervene.

< br> It all started in the spring of last year and, as the composer of electronic music Alexei Fomin himself suggests, this is connected in one way or another with the special operation. According to Aleksey, unknown people began to call him from different numbers, threatened with reprisals and insulted him for no apparent reason. At the same time, Fomin did not understand at all who threatened him – those who supported the special operation or those who, on the contrary, were against it.

After the number of calls exceeded the second dozen, he reported the incident to the police, but the squad arrived attributed everything to the composer's popularity and advised him not to take it to heart.

True, after the policeman made a call to one of the numbers from which the threatening calls came, he received such a response that Fomin's statement was immediately accepted and they got to work. Since then, the calls have stopped.

The case was sorted out, but Fomin admitted that this incident was not the only one and over the past year on social networks, and he also received a large number of unpleasant messages from strangers on the phone.

So Perhaps the police are right that this is the so-called reverse side of popularity.

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