Тейлор Свифт, Кайли Дженнер, Дуэйн Джонсон: самые богатые знаменитости по версии Forbes

“Forbes” carried out the calculations and found out which celebrities have earned during the period from June 1, 2018 June 1, 2019.

Тейлор Свифт, Кайли Дженнер, Дуэйн Джонсон: самые богатые знаменитости по версии Forbes

In General, the TOP 100 highest paid celebrities included singers, actors, athletes, writers, comedians and “personalities” and even an illusionist.

Thus, the amount to which the list was launched – the smallest – was 37, 5 million dollars. Earned during the year the singer Celine Dion, and thus took the hundredth place. As notes the edition, earlier the minimum amount in the list has never been so high, is 7% higher than a year ago. In total, this year’s celebrities included in the TOP 100 earned 6.3 billion dollars (before taxes over the last 12 months).

And so topped the list of 29-year-old country music singer Taylor swift earning their concerts as much as 185 million dollars. Her big concert tour in support of the album “Reputation” became the highest grossing in the United States, bringing nationwide mishpat 266: 1 million dollars. Recall that in 2018 Taylor became the most influential person.

In second place is model and Insta-blogger Kylie Jenner, earning 21 of 170 million dollars. Her sister, Kim Kardashian has earned 72 million dollars, finishing in 26th place.

Third place was taken by the husband of Kim Kardashian, a well-known rapper Kanye West. The contractor earned $ 150 million per year (nice family, huh?).

It should be noted that the list included only 16 women, of which nine performers, four famous ladies, two Actresses and one writer.

Тейлор Свифт, Кайли Дженнер, Дуэйн Джонсон: самые богатые знаменитости по версии Forbes

Among actors, first place went to Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, who earned 89,4 million dollars. Most of the money he took part in the film “Skyscraper” and the TV series “Footballers” from HBO (for each episode Dwayne gets 700 thousand dollars) . More than a quarter of the amount of 23.5 million dollars he received for his starring role in the movie “Jumanji: a New level” (the premiere will take place in December this year). Also a lot of money brought him sales of his line of sportswear that is created jointly with the brand “Under Armour”. We will remind that recently “the Rock” married his sweetheart, with whom he has two children.

On the second and third places among the most paid actors were the stars of “the Avengers” Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr. The stars earned of 76.4 and $ 66 million for the year, respectively. Recall that the last part of “the Avengers” grossed a whopping 2.79 billion.

Among the writers took first place Phil McGraw, earning $ 95 million. A bit behind him, Rowling, who a year could earn $ 92 million.

The highest-paid athlete became the player Lionel Messi, who managed to earn 127 million dollars. In the General list, he ranked fourth.

Entered the top 100 world famous illusionist David Copperfield, whose show can’t leave anyone indifferent. He earned for the year $ 60 million.

We will add that in the top ten richest celebrities in the world also includes singer ed Sheeran ($110 million), the players Cristiano Ronaldo ($109 million), Neymar ($105 million), the rock band the Eagles ($100 million), writer and TV host Phil McGraw ($95 million) and boxer Saul Alvarez ($94 million).

Note that the “Forbes” rating is compiled on the basis of data from Nielsen, ComScore, Box Office Mojo and IMDB. Also take into account information from insiders. All figures are pre-tax, and fee-for-service agents, managers and lawyers (usually 10 %, 15% and 5% of fees respectively) is not deducted.



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