Taylor swift hinted Ben Affleck an that she’s interested

Тейлор Свифт намекала Бену Аффлеку, что она в нем заинтересована

Taylor swift continues her attempts to find happiness. Novels the singer was having already with many celebrities, mostly musicians and actors. New choice swift fits into this company.

Western tabloids write that Taylor was interested in a large father and a new incarnation of Batman Ben Afflec.

As they say informants, Affleck was fascinated by Taylor, her beauty and charm. The familiarity of celebrities happened last year backstage during a concert in the round “1989”.

“After the concert, Affleck asked Cara Delevingne to present it to Taylor,” says the informant. After which they began a friendship, they started to exchange SMS-kami. But soon it became more than friendship. Feeling inflamed with new force after swift broke up with Tom Hiddleston. Taylor gave Ben to understand that she was interested in. She always gets what she wants”.

By the way, Affleck sat down to acquaint her daughters with Taylor. Here is what he says about it: “It was like the coming of God to earth. They could not utter a word. they were mesmerized”.

Recall, last weekend friends Affleck and Jennifer garner told the press that the family is reunited. Supposedly, Ben returned home and is now trying to bring family relationships to the previous level.

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